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What's up Doc?

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Level 4
Jun 27, 2009
Hey dudes, another new guy here.

I been hangin around a while and decided to pass by and say hello.

I love crackin ideas but dun't have much experience to turn them into "reality" I hope to learn stuff from this site so I can jump into the world of modding, and hopefully one day see ma map in B.net.

I'm not much of a mapmaker, but I have been messin around with terrain and triggers. I even edited some maps over on B.net, but these maps are the shameful past.

If you need anything PM me.

In real life, I love playin drums, chillin in our public pool, watchin TV, and eatin wholelotta junkfood. Not a big fan of athletics shit, but who needs that when you chill right in front of your home? Hope you are with me on this one.

Well, Hello and Hi. Oh yeah, and I'm sorry about Mr. MJ guys.
Not open for further replies.