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What converts or imports to .mdx?

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Level 2
Feb 8, 2005
I'm trying to figure out if 3dsmax is the only software that has a plugin that allows you to convert or import something back to the mdx file format. I know there is a plugin for 3dsmax that can do it, is there anything else that can do this? As the only 3d software that i'm familiar with is maya, and it seems that everytime I want to make mods or mess around with models from games the only way to get them back into the game is if I would have used 3dsmax. If this is the case I may have to start learning 3dsmax as opposed to maya.
go to and download the 2nd on the list. Then put that script (.ms) in the Gmax scripts folder. Since i don't have gmax i cant tell you how to run the file through the script, but its a .mdl converter. Then use wc3 file converter, availible on this site, to put it into .mdx. Im not sure how to import textures, but import that model (.mdx) into wc3 map editor, and import the model like you would import any other model on this site.[/url]
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