'Well made' rifle on villager?

Level 12
May 9, 2009
Hello, I am coming close to releasing a major update and rework for my map.

I have developed my lore quite a lot while also working on some fan fiction. I need a unit that is quite specific.

Sage of Secrets
The sages belonging to the Lodge of Secrets are among the more open and public men of knowledge. Simple seekers of truth these selfless and curious inventors were persecuted under the rule of the king as their theories and ideas ran contrary to the dogma of the Silver Hand zealots. Freed and allowed to pursue their scientific works they were quick to tear up the dwarven patents and begin research into advanced black powder weaponry, not without the sponsorship of the new rulers of Stormwind. Sometimes regarded as simple-minded and brash by the sages of other lodges the sages of secrets took an active part in the war between the Union and the Silver Hand, training partisans and exterminators in use of their new inventions, performing surgery on wounded fighters, and tending to the battle gear of their comrades.

The sage of secret is supposed to be grass-roots type of scientist with a large supply of courage and empathy for the common man. They can heal units using their medical knowledge, repair buildings and siege engines, and bring their rifles to bear against the enemy.

I wanted to make the model myself using the robed villager model with a lot of animations. The gunner animations would be used for his standard stand/attack animations. The classic villager attack animations would be renamed to stand work and a pick would be added when he starts repairing things (similar to how the villager does it). Another attack animation, I think the Jaina one would be nice to use as a "spell" animation where he uses a knife to "perform surgery" on his ally, effecitvely healing him.


I got as far as importing in a rifle and spending 30 minutes trying to rotate and translate it to the right location only to realise that I probably attached it to the wrong hand. It looks really weird and not like it does on a standard rifleman.

If anyone can help me out with this I will be grateful. Simply attaching a rifle though is not I want.

Robed villager holding a rifle. Ideally gun sound, effect, and flying out catridge when attacking (like on normal rifleman). Has stand work animation where his rifle dissapears (or goes behind back if you have good modeling skills >.<) and his pick appears and he begins repairing. Has spell animations where his rifle dissapears and a knife appears in his hand and he use it to attack/perform surgery.