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Waves of Hopelessness 1.2


Waves of Hopelessness 1.2 (Map)

Level 3
Jun 16, 2004
I made this map at a LAN. I have now finished it, and thought I'd release it. It's not a complex map, but it will keep you entertained for 10-20 minutes. You can play it with a few friends or by yourself, the map balances itself depending on how many players are present.

Here's the jist of it: You start with your hero and are instantly faced with a Demonkin. Each time a Demonkin dies, it spawns two new Demonkins, who spawns two new Demonkins when they die etc. After a while, you will have killed enough for the Demonkins to overwhelm you.

There is no way to beat this map, it's all about surviving as long as possible. To make the map even more evil, I've added random encounters, random spawns when picking up items and the Demonkins increase in numbers even if you don't kill them.

Have fun!
Level 5
Jan 31, 2006
Well this map is good but there should be a way to win because u feel like dissapointed because u will lose no matter what u do also after a good while killing monsters the map gets laggy because of the huge number of monster :(