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Warden of Elune

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Level 10
Dec 19, 2015
Hello, can someone please edit this model for me Warden of Elune I need the wings on the side removed, the moon on the tiger's neck removed, the thing on the head removed, the original huntress mask restored, the hero glow removed, remove the team color near the shoulderpads and make it look like the shoulderpads, I have already asked permission from the author and hasn't responded yet, being inactive for a long time, both will be credited. Thank you.


  • Valkirie.mdx
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the thing on the tiger's head, can you put that on the back of the rider?
and can you make the helmet whole again? and can you add the portrait?
Sorry, I'm not a modeler. I thought that doing this request is easy and I did. So this second request should be done by a modeler.
And thanks for the rep


  • Valkirie_Portrait.mdx
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  • Valkirie.mdx
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