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Warcraft Poem- Beginning of War

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Level 4
Feb 3, 2008
Hey guys. I'm bored so I wrote this little poem for you guys to see. It's a story with a different plot than the lore in case anyone wonders. Also I'm not a poet so it's not excellent but it'd be interesting to see people's opinions.

The bonds have taken hold
And break into the fold
compressing a dark and evil force
Leading into one only source

The humans weep
And the undead seep
Night Elves sing
As the bell towers ding

Midnights the time, the setting, and the place
With citidel's flare, resting onto his face
Of the old chieftan's only this ones' the same
Thrall upon glory reaching onto his fame
Begins the transition of old Baron's bane

Old Baron the Majestic, once was so great
Rests upon the floor as a predator's own bait
Fury! Fury! Succums Thrall's emotions
Ignoring the pact made by his own devotions.

Remembering the men who could've done such a thing
Leads to deception and tretchery from his very own ring
The Baron's ring, majestic with Emerald
Giving by his own very trusted herald

Now in his hand, Thrall seeks his revenge
Begins writing a paper with the blood of the avenged.
Consumed by hatred, the Chieftan continues to write
With legions of orcs getting ready for the fight.

2 months later and in the dark night
Comes hordes of death traveling through the grassy blight
Fire spreads, blood spills across the field
The next Azerothian war has finally been sealed

Through anger and hatred comes the begining of war
The peace has been washed across the shore.
The shackles are released, and chaos erupts.
Through the next great war will only come another.
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