Warcraft III Felguard Soundset

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Ever get tired of constantly hearing the RRRRRRRR! RRRRRRRRR! from either Felguards or Doomguards in Warcraft 3 (dunno about Refunded version, but it is a case with classic). So have i, so i finally made a proper soundset for both felguards and doomguards, whichever your preference, using the voice files from the WoW felguard warlock pet. Hope you enjoy this soundset as well :)

FelGuardPissed1 (Sound)

FelGuardPissed2 (Sound)

FelGuardPissed3 (Sound)

FelGuardReady (Sound)

FelGuardWhat1 (Sound)

FelGuardWhat2 (Sound)

FelGuardWhat3 (Sound)

FelGuardYes1 (Sound)

FelGuardYes2 (Sound)

FelGuardYes3 (Sound)

FelGuardYesAttack1 (Sound)

FelGuardYesAttack2 (Sound)

FelGuardYesAttack3 (Sound)