Warcraft II naval themed unit


It's a simple as it says. I recently released version 3.7 of Orcs and Humans: Tides of Darkness and I've decided to allow a community created unit to be submitted. I'm looking for something unique and new.

Submission does not guarantee I will accept it, there are some guidelines.

If your idea does not require a custom model or other data:
-No use of already used models
-Must fit with the intended race
-Ideas must be new

If your idea includes a custom model:
-No models that have separate portraits will be accepted.
-No models that exceed 80 kb
-No incomplete models; it must have birth, death, decay, attack and stand at the minimum.

In order to get an idea you need to play the map, so here is the link:

Your reward is +rep and credit in my map.

Good luck!