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WarCraft 3 Tomes(ish) In StarCraft 2?

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I tried to make a tome(ish) ability in starcraft 2 using an instant effect as a base ability, then using an apply behavior effect that applies the behavior attribute. Then I gave this ability to my wc3(ish) hero that was already working perfectly. When I used this ability it subtracted 5 gas like it was supposed to but didn't add the attribute. I tried many different things with no luck. Does anyone know how to make a warcraft 3 tome in sc2?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Definatly possible via triggers. You can modify attributes via triggers for a certain unit.

I am not sure there is a safe way to do it in the data editor alone. You could increase a buff behaviour by X levels each tome but that uses up a behaviour slot (and those are limited).

I would just use a trigger to enhance a dummy effect to give a unit attributes of a certain kind. It maintains a high efficiency as you can specify the effect that triggers it.
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