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Warcraft 3 Broodwar

After playing Broodwar Alternate, a custom campaign for Sc1 in which Terrans, Zerg and Protoss are switched with one another I thought it could be cool if there was something like that for Warcraft 3 but instead of having warcraft 3 campaigns swapped, having the Sc1 campaigns as Wc3 campaigns:
C1: Elven Cries (Rebel Yell)
Mar Sara is Quel'thalas
Adjutant is HE Archer
Raynor is Kael
Duke is Uther
Mengsk is Garithos
Sarah is Sylvanas
C2: Lich King (Overmind)
Char is Northrend
Overmind is Lich King
Cerebrates are Dreadlords
Daggoth is Tichondrius
Zasz is Mal'Ganis
Kerrigan is Undead Sylvanas
Tassadar is Thrall
Zeratul is Grom
Xel'Naga are the Burning Legion
C3: The Blight (The Fall)
Aiur is the Barrens
Aldaris is Drek'Thar
Fenix is Cairne
Dark Templar are Warlocks
Dragoon Fenix is Spirit Walker Cairne
C4: The Recovery (The Stand)
Shakuras is Broken Isles
Raszagal is Gul'Dan
Braxis is Ashenvale
Stukov is Malfurion
C5: The Steel Arrow (The Iron Fist)
UED Adjutant is NE Archer
Dugalle is Tyrande
Duran is Arthas
C6: The Dark Lady (Queen of Blades)
Controlled Cerebrate is Varimathras
Infested Duran is Undead Arthas
Kel'Morian combine are Dwarves
Duran/Arthas is actually a Demon