W3R Forest Temple

Level 7
Jun 7, 2012


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It looks quite nice, however I'd change out the trees and other SD resources with more high quality resources. Alternatively look into using ripped world of warcraft assets. Especially the arcs in the picture with the waterfall looks terribly out of place. The brick tiles also have quite distinguishable spaces between them, if I were you I'd see if I found another model to use as brick tiles.

Also the water is way too dark since the waves are blue/white-ish and not nearly as dark as the water. In addition to that the waterfalls are quite light in color as well, so there is no consistency in the water.

Other than that I like the concept and execution very well, the foliage, trees and plants are well placed and doesn't feel out of place. The ruins are well made for the most part except for the brick tiles and arcs, however the brick tiles may be a subjective thing.