Void Broken (5 Derivatives)

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Void Broken from World of Warcraft.

The Broken were Draenei mutated after being exposed to Fel. This group was mutated again after being exposed to Void. They've had a rough go.

Has animations similar to the ghoul, including a cannibalize animation. Does not have a decay animation.

I'll upload several different other color variations later.

Credits to Blizzard.

edit: merged all into one resource, added a couple more variations.

Draenei, Broken, Void, Krokul

Broken Draenei Void Blue (Model)

Broken Draenei Void Green (Model)

Broken Draenei Void Pale (Model)

Broken Draenei Void Pale Green (Model)

Broken Draenei Void Purple (Model)