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Various RPG Icons

I wanted to post a selection of icons I made for a project I'm still actively working on. By now, I've made hundreds of icons by recoloring existing icons, creating new ones using art from other games, or separating model assets using RMS and then turning them into icon art. Here are a selection of icons I am particularly fond of. I hope others will find them useful. Also thanks to @Moonman for providing us with a template for making icons. That package has been instrumental in helping me to quickly produce new icons.

I may upload more icons to this pack as time goes on and I create new art, or if anyone has anything in particular they're looking for, I may be able to fulfill a request or two.


Oct 3, 2021: Re-uploaded all icons as PNG. Added Lion Hammer, Bronze Pauldron, Necromancer Robes, Elegant Cuirass, and Gryphon Pauldron.
Oct 4, 2021: Added Brutal Mace, Spiked Mace, and Infernal Mace.
Oct 6, 2021: Added Crude Shield.
Mar 1, 2022: It's been a while! I'm back to upload the 3 individual icons for Combined Elements that had been sitting completed in my folder. If anyone needs, I could also make the 2 part combinations, but I'll only do it if someone requests it.

Blue Rune Hammer (Icon)

Bronze Pauldron (Icon)

Brutal Mace (Icon)

CFire (Icon)

CFrost (Icon)

CLightning (Icon)

Combined Elements (Icon)

Crude Shield (Icon)

Death Grips (Icon)

Elegant Cuirass (Icon)

Exalted Robes (Icon)

Gryphon Pauldron (Icon)

Huntmans Vest (Icon)

Infernal Mace (Icon)

Iron Kite Shield (Icon)

Lion Hammer (Icon)

Lion's Bulwark (Icon)

Necromancer Robes (Icon)

Padded Armor (Icon)

Plague Broach (Icon)

Spiked Mace (Icon)

Thank you for adding the additional border types. Also love the recent additions! Approved.
Hello Sadgasm; if you upload the original .png artwork, it will automatically border-ize the image to every icon type -- giving everyone the option to use any style (btn, pas, atc, etc). Please do this for this bundle and all future uploads! You no longer need to make your own disabled variants, the website will do it for you.

Great work on the art!
Level 7
Sep 3, 2020
I love you pictures, doing them by what we can find on units from the original game. Keep going, it is awesome!