Uploading a skin with a hexed model

Level 9
Sep 23, 2004
Dear forum users, this might be a silly question but how and where do you upload skins with hexed or altered models? Do they go into skins or models sections? It seems that skins sections allows you to upload only .blp files and models section only .mdx file. However, I think anyone trying to use my work needs to have both .blp and .mdx, plus the portrait.mdx.

Please advise.

PS: I have seen other people uploading hexed skins into the models' section. Once, one person even uploaded my http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/skins-552/humanbattleship-61576/#post547187 skin, without my knowledge, to the models' section. See http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/...p-hexed-48895/?prev=search=pirate&d=list&r=20. However, have absolutely no grievances towards the uploader in this case since gave me due credit and hexing was necessary anyways. Rather, my question is how to avoid such a situation by uploading hexed skin to the models' myself.