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(Unnamed Map) similar to Final Fantasy Forever

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Jan 19, 2008
If you have ever played the game Final Fantasy Forever (I believe the last release is fairly old), then you should understand the premise of the game. It's an RPG with an interface like that found in the Final Fantasy games (no weird respawning and being swarmed by creeps; world map, encounter battles - not real time, etc...).

Although FFF was a very good WCIII map in my opinion, it lacked a little polish and a little flourish. I aim to create a map that follows many of the same basic principles but is a little more complex in some factors.

Unfortunately, it takes me forever to trigger things to call me a JASS "beginner" would be wholly a compliment.

What I am doing, however, is starting with the terrain and the story. I'm ~10% done the terrain and the storyline is rolling. I really hesitate to post a board this early, but I realize that at this point it is good to look out for people who would be willing to help me implement a number of systems (battle, inventory/item storage/equipment, random encounter), triggers, and spells.

At this moment, no custom skins/models have been imported, but I feel that there's not really any need. Yes, I am fine with blizzard trees - they follow the old FF feel nicely and I don't think there's much of a need to clutter the map with too many doodads. I feel my terraining skills are fairly adequate; at the bottom of this post are a few screens of the terrain so far.

I'm open to questions and comments, but most importantly, I'm looking for people who woul be proficient in JASS (knowledge of vJASS and structs would be good? I have no clue what either really are but apparently they are useful in complex systems...), and triggering a variety of things. Basically, some person(s) who would be able to make up for my lack of programming skill

So all in all, I'm just trying to make a fun online RPG that doesn't suck - not very ambitious but this project is great to undertake I think. This post will be updated I guess as I figure out a name for the map and as progress continues. Feel free to PM me or ask me for other contact info or just post on this thread.


^the "cave" encounter area. If you're unfamiliar with FF, the premise basically works like this. There is a chance of random encounters on the world map or dungeon areas. When you encounter an enemy, the screen pans to an encounter screen like this. This is where the actual battles take place. There are currently around 12 different types of encounter environments done, ranging from beach/shallow water to marsh, swamp, desert, town, castle, crags/mountains, forests, plains, and pipes (sewage system).


^the first "continent" area on the world map. In the bottom lefthand corner is the starting town of Hurick. Hurick is a principality of the "Empire X." There's a war between "Empire X" and "Empire Y" on another continent. The players start out as recruits from Hurick. They must first pass through the Hurick Mountains via the Timberhull Pass (dungeon; you see the entrance and exit on the world map indicated by beacons) to reach the borough of Moranda (town w/ keep on top middle of map) to recieve their enlistment status and must eventually make their way to the port town of Torna to reach the front (capital of "Empire X" is on another continent). More story stuff will follow
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Aug 24, 2007
Nice idea, but I suggest you add a new features (compared with the other FF map already out). Also, I think you mean bottom right hand corner of the SS.

If your having trouble with the battle triggers im sure there is a map around here with an FF/turn-by-turn combat system.
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