Unknown Map (looking for suggestions for a name)

Level 4
May 9, 2009
Battle of Tectonica!!

I do not mind flaming, but do keep in mind that i am a complete newbie at map making,This is basically a AoS map I've been working on recently and spent quite alot of time on, its a Human/Elfs VS Undead/Orc based theme. it still has alot of bugs and many things still need to be fixed/added and probably isn't even in the alpha stage, i would appreciate if you would test my map and find bugs or suggestions to help improve my map. anyways i hope you have a fun time testing my map, GL and HF.

One day the heros of Warcraft lll were having at it at each other the usal way....Humans/Elf VS Orcs/Undead that was untill that day...... in the middle of their battle a portal appeared....and what came out of the portal was just unbelieveable...Anime. The world of Anime has invaded the world of Warcraft and now the Orcs, Undead, Human, Elfs must defend their land at the plains of Tectonica!! and get rid of the anime invaders!

map is unprotected.

PS: im looking for a name for my map suggestions appreciated

Thanks to these people so far:
@ US east: hypeBEAST.
@ US east: im_jesus
@ US east: Carvver

--=Soon 2 Come (this list is so i can remember what to add )=--
-Unique hero system
-inventory system
-more heros
-random events to funk things up
-new terrain
-rank up! system and creeps lvl ups every rank up
-much much more!!

Also i have been looking for a website to find some sounds for my map (eg. teamplayer) tyvm


Fixed movement speed
added name
changed theme
added new hero
You can only play 1v1 ATM beacuse anime side only has one hero (adding more when i have the time)


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This is going to need a lot of work:

-The bases are way too close together, you start attacking the other teams base right from the get go - get enough people and you may be able to destroy a spawning building before the first wave. No one would build a base that close to the enemy.
-Looks way too generic - you did absolutely nothing with the middle and there is not a single doodad in the fighting area.
-Tile variety - it's all homogeneous
-Cliff walls - I don't think walls naturally form around bases. Your going to need to make it look much more natural, perhapes forests growing around them (or something more creative).

-Creeps move way to slow - for a mounted knight, it moves at a slugs pace.
-I can tell your still working on your heroes, I looked at one and it was bit meh in concept.
-Items are just the normal ones slightly modified.
-More stuff in general needed. Right now it's just a standard AoS, nothing really special here.
-Well this isn't a point against you, but you made none of the spells. I'd be nice to see some of your concepts instead of all ones from the hive or from Wc3.

The only real thing that impresses me here is the idea of having actual archers on the towers, most people seem to miss that idea.

Also the Humans/Night Elves vs. Undead/Orcs is a very tired theme (DotA, Footmen vs. Grunts, etc etc.). I would change it but thats up to you.

Name Ideas: Conflict (short and sweet), Fortresses, Assault, Era of War (EoW for short if you want, but acronyms are kinda tired if you ask me, DotA ruins everyones fun here), Destination Antebellum, Juxtaposition, hmm thats all I can think of right now.

This map needs A LOT of work
Stay true to your list