[AI] Two questions about AI!

Level 3
Aug 29, 2007
Hello, I've two questions... Hope it’ll not bother you all too much :)

1. I'm creating an AI for my campaign in the AI editor. Can it be combined with normal triggers as well, or will it just screw up the editor-made AI?

2. My other question is about the AI editor. I've created several attack waves (about six or seven). What happens when the seventh wave is over? Won't they attack anymore then?

Thanks for reading!
Level 15
Feb 15, 2006
1. Triggers can send data to the AI, but AI can't have access to the triggers.
2. Actually you don't need to create several waves (unless you want to control the unit types added to the attack groups) but in general, if you want to repeat almost indefinitely the attacks, then you should set only one attacking group and set the repeat waves field to 1.