Trigger Help needed. {chat commands}

Level 6
Nov 14, 2010
Hello Guys I am currently looking for someone to help me with a trigger I am trying to find out how to do. Is there a way to make a trigger where only a certain account such as my account on wc3 in my map can access a code like only player:Bob can enter the code -gimmegold for 10000k g. Because on my current map I have things where certain players get a code if I allow them and it makes them GMs of my map and I dont want people looking at my map to get the codes.
Please Help Soon.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Too bad you can just spoof those names making this whole exercise pointless.

Outside of internal builds, you should treat everyone equally. If you do not people will get quickly pissed with your map and probably never play it again or hack it.

Anyway the idea is simply. You just get the player's name as a string and convert it to a constant case (lower or upper) and compare it to a constant of the desired player names. Remember that accounts are case insensitive (you can log in as DrSuperGood and dRsUPERgOOD without making a new account). Also accounts will expire within a few months of inactivity so be aware that someone might steal one of the listed account names in future just for the perks.