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Tree Tag, Final v.6.45

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TREE TAG Final v.6

YTB Sponsored


You are an Ent or an Infernal in this outrageous version of Hide and Seek. The Ents have to run and hide for 30 minutes while different Infernals track them down with an array of creative abilities.

YTB is a local Australian based clan, sharing a deep love of Warcraft, its lore and the many elements in the custom map community that enable it to act as a tool for creatively sharing new experiences with one another.

Having played 100's of maps such as Tags, Hero Defences, Hero Arenas, Tower Defences, Role Playing, etc. we have often found balance the most troublesome issue. In order to relieve this problem, through testing and bug fixing we continue to tweak and change our favourite maps until a logical plane of fairness is found.

We do not often release these maps, as we do not see the need to draw the credit away from those who work hard to provide this great community with content. But on rare occasions when a map is built, tested and fixed it becomes something we wish the community to enjoy with us.

This is our philosophy, our maps work and are balanced to the best of our ability.

Map Information

This map, offers a great multi-player experience - with a risk/reward basis.

Players: 1v3 or 2v6 or 3v9

Our goal with this map was to offer control of the map back to the Infernals, who as seekers should rightfully be creating the tension. The map has been designed around a distinct pattern of collision detection and pathing, with various heights and obstacles enabling fun strategies in obscure locations along with traditional platforms for building and economy.

As an Ent you have a variety of buildings, both defensive and offensive to keep Infernals at bay, along with a set of balanced abilities designed to help survival at all cost. As an Infernal, we have tried to offer a balanced experience that in-powers the player with fun items and abilities. For example, the crystal balls item will inform the Ent players when it has been used without allowing them to know if they have been detected.

Included are a victory cinematic for both sides, in-game manual with strategies, mode commands, environmental commands and a little about YTB Clan.

New Commands
  • Child's Play (-cp)
  • Water Tinting (-waterRGB)

Support Information and Protection

This map is open source - and will remain 'unprotected'

I do not own the rights to this map, but only the creative process. This location on the Hive Workshop will always stand as the original entry in this Tree Tag Final Series.

Gameplay Screenshots

Build, Build, Build


A Variety of Ent Buildings
Build a wide variety of Offensive and Defensive Towers to ward off Infernals

Why play Conventional?


How much are you willing to Risk?
Have a go at some more advanced strategies

Secret Shop Items


McFrannies Sponges and Things
Try the Skadoosh Blade of Teleport or perhaps the H&M Winter Cloak...

Read our Manual & Strategy Guide


Always promote those who deserve it
Strategy and Map Guides, Commands Menus and more...

The Scenic Route


Waterfall - Terrain Centre Piece
Stop and admire the attention to detail, well at the very least the numerous doodads

View from the Top


Varied Heights throughout the Map
With hills, slopes and shallows across the entire map, verticality adds a extra element to this map.

Created using Adobe Products


Created By Evil Abed

Change Log

  • Victory Cinematic (Ent & Infernal)
  • Environmental Commands
  • 3 x New Infernals
  • 2 x New Ent Buildings (Offensive)
  • Forest Decimation (Ability)
  • Loading Screen/Artwork
  • Secret Shop (McFrannies}
  • Multiboard Triggers
  • Tunnel network
  • Regrow Ability AOE
  • Infernal Damage Dice Roll
  • Blocker Towers (Pathing and Stats)
  • Infernal Revival and Selection
  • Resource Gains and Losses
  • Crystal Ball
  • Aura Tower
  • Subtle Map Changes (New Ramps)
  • Infernal Experience Gains
  • Ent Buidlings (Models Only)
  • TreeWin Conditions (simplified)
  • Advanced Tree Builder
  • Druid Hero (Ents)
Previous: "Version 6.44"

Credits & Thanks

Credit to:
  • YTB Clan
  • 40k_ralle89
  • Original Creators of Tree Tag

Encouragement Team
  • Mattoc
  • Cannons
  • MR
  • Burning Dumplings
  • Tasty Juice
  • Stevus

Author’s Notes

I have been playing Warcraft III: The Forzen Throne Custom Maps for over 10 years, and still love the online community for its humour, support and encouragement.

This map is an attempt to pay homage to those years of experiences while also providing something new. The great loading screen artworks, in-game cinematics, Quest Guide 'Manuals' and chat commands that I know map creators slaved over are all attempted to the best of my ability with the limited time available. Due to this, I have also left this map 'unprotected' so those who also wish to continue producing great maps can leverage my understanding of JASS and WC3 Editor

This map is, of course, is designed to be played with friends, and YTB Clan strongly recommend doing so in the hope you enjoy the atmosphere and challenge as much as we do when together.

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Tree Tag, Final v.6.45 (Map)

StoPCampinGn00b 17:08, 10th May 2015 Map Moderated - Tree Tag, Final v.6 Comment - Map follows the rules. Verdict - Approved, Not Rated Other [TR]Map Submission Rules Staff Contact The Hive's StaffMap Reviewers Description Tutorials
Level 8
Jun 13, 2012
Well let's start with what annoyed me the most.

Whats up with blink?The cooldown is like 5 minutes bro or less why would blink cooldown be so long?It is useless then you might as well not have it at all.

Not sure if i made a mistake but tunnel doesn't seem to work or at least as on previous Tree Tag maps.

You can't regrowth trees?Whats up with that LOL why on EARTH you remove that?

And i don't know man i can't remember what was wrong with this map since i played it yesterday and commenting on it now.But anyway you should thought about "Are this changes going to improve the game or make it even worse?" or "Do some things need a change?"
Level 2
Apr 20, 2015
Your feedback is much appreciated, though not very constructive.

Blink (Last Resort): This ability has been changed for good reason; with Blink the game slides heavily in favour of the Ents, being able to sweep across ledges and high terrain with a low cooldown. We actually previously banned this ability from use; but I thought I would appropriate its use to something more interesting rather than a constant go to.

Tunnels: I remapped the triggers for this one, and will have a look again. Appreciate your letting me know.

Regrow: This ability exists within the Tree Lover unit. Tree Tag like other Tag's offers risk/reward. As with eating trees; the more you eat, the more space you get, the more chance you will get found.

We as a community play these maps, never really needing battle.net - so perhaps it is the preference of our community that we prefer harder maps. We are also do not wish to deliver a map where the same strategy will win a game twice, hence the pretence of balance.

Again your time is appreciated,
Evil Abed
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Level 2
Apr 20, 2015
Added a Manual to replace the Quest Menu Tab, created cinematic's and also introducing a number of game modes (for example: Childs play mode, which swaps all Infernals with Chucky 'Doll with a knife' - including sound effects and custom abilities).

Also planning to introduce environmental effects and hopefully some map tile set adjustments in the near future.

Other than this, will continue to add polish to the map and adjust where feedback is supplied.
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