Tortollan Collector

Hello and it's been a while!

Sorry for no update for a while since I need motivation for 3d modelling and now's the time I introduce to you: Tortollan Collector!

While making this model, I found out that the animation for Peon and Peasant are not the best, so instead I edit my Tortollan Warrior and add Alchemist as the base.

Because of these model, I can now create the worker especially for it's animation (It takes a lot of time and my back hurts.)

Like always, leave any comment if there's bug on these model. Tq and enjoy.

*Update: Adding repair sound during stand work animation

*Update: Adding footprints for Tortollan Collector

Tortollan Collector (Model)

Tortollan Collector (Model)

General Frank
A very nice model edit with good additions of custom geometry. It would be great to add version with in-game textures.


Arena Moderator
Level 43
Jul 29, 2008
Nice! It's essential to have a 'worker' unit for any custom faction, and I love what you've done with the Alchemist Ogre's animations to give this guy the feeling of really 'hefting' a massive pack of resources all the time. Looks great (ok, maybe a little weird to have the lumber sticking out of the barrel lid, but still). : )