Tleno castle siege v0.6b

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is my first map, but I wont get upset if you will tell something bad about it.
Once, there was a two empires, the Kingdom of Castles and Siege empire. Siege empire declared war on Kingdom of castles, and sent their forces to destroy everyone in Kingdom.
You can command the defenders and try to protect your castle, or you can try to burn whole castle, by sending you forces in battle!

Credits to: HappyTauren, Mechanical Man, Kitabatake, ArneXis and others.

I made only few changes in this version. Its just becauce I dont want my map to be deleted. Ugh... can someone call for a map moderator?

Tower, castle, stronghold, attack, defence, Tleno, empire, kingdom, siege, traps, palace, first map, fun.

Tleno castle siege v0.6b (Map)

16:53, 22nd Aug 2009, by Rui(#19): "Tleno Castle Siege" is completely rudimentary. A World Editor experiment, not a multiplayer map. Rejected and rated 1/5 (Unacceptable).




16:53, 22nd Aug 2009, by Rui(#19):
"Tleno Castle Siege" is completely rudimentary. A World Editor experiment, not a multiplayer map. Rejected and rated 1/5 (Unacceptable).
Level 14
Apr 15, 2007
I will be sure to try it.

No offense ths is just my opinion but Siege Empire and Kingdom of Castles sounds kind of ehh you should make them better names.
Level 1
May 27, 2008
Like? Maybe you have an idea?

P.S. There are weird names in other maps too. Like southern empire in battleships.

i think northern and southern empire in battleships are ok:wink: i have a little idea:con: maybe it could be "Bagrian" as the attacker and "Linusia" as defender? (i like defending and my name is linus :p)
Level 27
Jan 26, 2007
Hey, I gladly accept your offer of reviewing your map ^^
First of all: I'm not trying to flame you if there are any harsh comments (but in your description you've said that you don't mind, so it should be all right ^^).


  • The description isn't good (hive, in-game, loading screen).
  • It's open-source, that's really good ^^
  • For a first map, this certainly isn't bad.
  • I didn't like the game-name (sorry, every game with the creator's name in it isn't a good name in my opinion).

  • It's a simple castle-defense/siege, with a simple AI
  • The teams were balanced as far as I've seen, though it's hard for the attackers to move their units.
  • You might want to add some events.
  • A few game-modes would be good.

  • The castle was pretty good, no remarks there
  • If you go outside the castle, the terrain is way too flat and empty.
  • Add more doodads and change the tileset outside the castle

  • The fact that there are no heroes was dissapointing
  • There aren't a lot of different units to choose from if you're red or orange.
  • The damage seems like it's meant to look good (e.g.: 12-12 dmg), but it isn't like that...
  • The heavy Cavalry is stronger than the light one, though they both cost 2 food.
  • The tooltips can be improved
  • I like the boiling oil ;)
  • Some hotkeys were mixed up (Light cavalry and Knight, for example).

  • The triggers could be a lot more efficient (put every trigger with "map Init" as event in the same trigger and add all commands in the same trigger, for example).
  • The leaks haven't been fixed.
  • All triggers seem to work.

It's a simple game without anything fancy, the triggers aren't really efficient and were leaking, the terrain outside the castle isn't good at all, some hotkeys weren't working and the description isn't good.
The castle, however, is pretty good, the game worked and seemed balanced.
There is an 'AI', which isn't really a good AI, but if you play versus 2 computers, it gets interesting.

Rating: 2/5
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  • Use colors for different types of triggers ("File -> Preferences -> Text Colors"), it will make it a lot easier to read your triggers (and I'm pretty sure you didn't do that).
  • Make it a habbit to fix the leaks, from the time you use a location, unit group, player group, or special effect - you must know that you are creating a leak.
  • Try to combine multiple triggers into 1 trigger, with comments to seperate the actions.
  • Use loops for actions which are repeated.

I have added a map, so you can see how I've done the triggers.
The original triggers have been disabled, but still exist (so you can see the difference).
I have also fixed the leaks, something you should really learn.


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Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Thanks ap0calypse, now I am very busy with Hero contest, but when it will be over I will continue this map. I have started to make new version long time ago, but it is still unfinished.

Leaks? When I was making this map, I didn't knew what is a leak. I tough its a buging trriger or something. Not so long ago I understood how to fix them...

Heavy units have much smaller attack and movement speed than light ones.

Terrain outside the castle? Yea, it sucks so I gonna work on it.

All in all, I gonna fix it all... kinda rythmic...



Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
Rui's review for "Tleno castle siege" (v0.6b), a map by Tleno

This is a very raw map. In "Tleno Castle Siege", all you have to do is train units that cost no resources. Both you and the enemy. The objective of the castle defenders is to protect the main building standing at the center of the keep, while the invaders' is to destroy it.

The defenders can only train elite units and a captain with special benefiting auras. The invaders don't seem to have anything available that can get past the hordes of Elite Crossbowmen, easily trainable by only a single player. They have less siege weapons than the defenders, possessing a Trebuchet with 1150 range and 220 HP. Three Elite Crossbowmen are enough to take it down in less than five seconds.

I don't know what else to say, really. Very crude terrain and rudimentary gameplay, and overall boring. This is a World Editor experiment, not a map, much less for multiplayer.

My rating for this resource is 1/5 (Unacceptable). The map is Rejected.