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Timer and Ability add/remove problem

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Level 6
May 15, 2009
Hello readers, I am currently working on a DoTA style map(No, I am not going to be using the phrase "Like in DoTA") and I think that all the triggered spells im making, is a bit more than my skills can handle.

This thread of mine is just one of many, this time, I am creating a spell called "Wind Barrier." What it is suppose to do is add an armor increase, and spell damage reduction passive to the target for x amount of seconds. The duration is suppose to be (Casting Units Intelligence x 0.75) seconds. However, when I use this, the armor and magic damage reduction spells are not added.

Please help noobish little me. And also, if you are just gonna post a map with a working version of the trigger, please tell me what I did wrong, so that I won't make the same mistake again.


  • Wind Barrier.w3x
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1) You need BonusMod library to successfully level up the abilities. They bug a bit and you need a specific procedure to get them work.

2) You are starting a timer and you remove the abilities right after. You need to start the timer, create another trigger with the event "WindBarrier_Timer expires" and remove the abilities and the buff from the unit (save the unit in a variable) in that trigger. Countdown timers are not like waits, they are and should be linked with another trigger (or function in Jass) to perform the actions you want after their expiration.

3) You based your hero spell off Frost Armor; use its default field to increase the armor, you don't have to use an extra armor ability.

4) This is not MUI, I hope you know that :p
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