The Troll War

The society is under the complete control of the council of mages and lords. The council itself is controlled by the omniscient and powerful Magistrate who rules the country with an iron fist. Lately the mages have become elitist and begin to think everything of unendowed blood unworthy of life and inferior, so they begin to oppress the tribes of the trolls and ogres, whom they regard as barbarians. But now resistance is forming, as the Mud Alliance arises... .

Done in 2 weeks but really great :) .

Campaign by: Makuza
Uploaded by Herogod

The Troll War (Campaign)

VGsatomi: Approved. This campaign was originally hosted on wc3search.




VGsatomi: Approved. This campaign was originally hosted on wc3search.
Level 13
Mar 23, 2008
hmm not the campaign i would play normally but really well made and good story :D like the way to get magics on. but just not that kinda campaigns i like :S

EDIT: That apparate spell i think it is (its like a year since i played this now XD). But change the hotkey for it. I use Attack Move alot, so its annoying with a spell that uses it as hotkey too :S
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Level 2
Dec 15, 2008
Played it, finished it. Heres the review:
-All chapters execpt the 5. are boring. Yup.
-Liked the story, pretty much.
-Great terrain, you had really worked on it.
-Good work on model use.
-Good cinematics.

4/5, good work on that.
Level 2
Jan 20, 2009
Really cool campaign. Loved the custom spells and the models. Liked every campaign especially the last one. The thing I didn't really like was the difficulty. I find it to be a little too easy especially in the last lvl, you can keep on using the demon meteor.
Level 1
Feb 20, 2011
Nice story but two things one don't use the hotkeys for attack stop, etc

two you should NOT die in a cut scene that is just retarded.

otherwise excellent
Level 3
Aug 15, 2011
Good Points

This is an awesome campaign, i liked the magic system. The models are nice specially Rithen and Randall
The history is not boring, the campaign is well done, Terrain was very well done triggers as well, got usefull AI and all that made in only 2 weeks.

Bad Points

some commentaries are too fast for some younger people.
could make some better use of music for surelly.

Overral Map Rating: 4/5 to 5/5


I really liked Rithen's Skin because is really hard to find Jaina skin/models with other hair color.:thumbs_up: i want to ask if u can post Karr and Rithen models in here if you could, if not is algood anyway. :wink:

Anyway, GREAT WORK :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:


Map Reviewer
Level 66
Jun 4, 2009
It had an interesting premise but lacked a lot of things, the most important being gameplay.

-these guys teleport without end
-nobody is doing anything in the Barracks; they're all looking at each other
-the only difference between the Soldier and the Swordfigher is their looks
-the first 7 minutes of the Ogre attack are a waste of time
-the Ogres suddenly died when the timer ended
-this level was so short which would've made it useless if not for the cinematic scenes

-that didn't really look like a trap but I can imagine

-Apparate and Attack have the same hotkey: A
-description of spells when buying them wouldn't hurt
-Wind's hotkey "W" does not work; neither does Heal's "H"
-reduce cooldown of spell items for the Trainer
-is that Trainer everywhere?
-level 3 Heal does not heal and it blocks the hero unless the player uses the command stop
-level 3 Ice's slow does not last 8 seconds
-level 4 Ice's title is still level 3 and does no damage and costs no mana
-Fire's range is lower than Ice's
-Karr didn't look like he was imprisoned; moreover he can't buy spells and doesn't have any
-why would that demon leave the portal open?
-again, a boring level where there's nothing much to do; even the timer is not pressing

-Bloodthirster remained on the ramp near his base with his illusions for a while
-near the barricade that faces horizontally, the trolls start to return instead of heading forward
-Alisha says something and then stands idle because no enemy units are in her range
-some towers drop potions that cannot be reached
-the expiration timer did not fade after reaching the keyzone

-I don't think that regeneration shrine is needed since there's no real danger in this level; there are also potions everywhere
-if Karr is invisible, why not go in on a solo stealth mission and wear robes!?
-now the heroes have the spells from the previous level
-Ice can be cast on Barricades
-units just get through the Barricades
-there's a blocked Dark Spider in a room just to the right of the first horizontal barricade
-how does he know the door hasn't unlocked yet? Is he the construction engineer?
-anyhow, everybody looks like they're just waiting for their death...
-Daemons could have Immolation as they look like they're burning
-Barricades give experience
-on the second floor, the northern switch for the bridge does not stay down; the southern does; only Karr can trigger the bridge but the switch still gets up
-what was so weird about the place Allistair was in? Nothing that different from what was until then
-does the optional quest work? I'm pretty sure I've killed a lot of mages since most of them are in the way

-doesn't really make sense; why did he leave her if she supposedly summoned him? And how did she unconsciously do that?

-Standardbearers look weird when they attack
-how does Jacquar revive when the supreme lord died?
-well, how does that demon god call her if it is in her or her!?

Level 19
Jul 26, 2008
I played this map years ago, like probably 7 years ago at least, and just decided to replay it tonight. I have to admit, i still remember loving this campaign because of the missions where the AI sends troops and you just send your hero. I still love this aspect of the campaign when i played it now. All i want to say is, according to your credits, you made this in two weeks, and i just want to say i wish i could make a campaign like this in two weeks :)

Thanks for the campaign!
Level 5
Nov 29, 2017
This campaign is good, I liked the custom spells and models, very fun and original, the terrain is nice, and the way you get your spells.

The first, second and third mission were kinda fun.
The fourth mission was boring.
The final mission is average and easy.

The story was really fun though for something made in two weeks, and could really make something even better with that story.
Played it on v1.21b