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The Summoning Doom v2.19

Submitted by XydenicWings
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Featured on youtube by witiwarcraft!

Genre : Hero Defense, Player Co-op VS Computer


Players Recommended : 1 - 6 players (Difficulty scaled with Numbers)

While the game is technically soloable, it is best to have minimum of 2 players to tend to the lanes. The more player there is, the easier as more Hero combos are available.

Jul 2018 - This project has been revived, I am currently updating the game. Refer to changelog at the bottom of the post.



The undead had begun a ritual to summon their masters into this world, it's up to the heroes to stop the undead once and for all. Pick a unique hero from out of 12 available heroes, each with their ownstyle and elements. With your teammates, overcome each stages their bosses and defend the core of life from being destroyed! Be warned, the undeads are no pushover and only the most unite team can overcome this approaching doom..



- Up to 6 player Co-Op Hero teamplay
- 12 stages, defend the core, attack the gate, fight the bosses
- Play as Tank / DPS / Support, mix your team combination for different style of gameplay
- Core gameplay revolves around intense boss fights
- Boss Ultimates will put you in a pinch, find ways to fight and counter them. Turn invisible, blink, phase shift, divine shield or activate immunity to fight off the attacks!
- Immunity to Physical and Magical are important aspect of the game, use the right immunity to fight each boss.
- Enrage Mode ensure fights must be completed within a certain time limit, increasing difficulty.
- Additional 'boss loot' unlocks after a boss is defeated
- 100% gold refund! Mix item composition and find out the best strategy to fight each boss
- Level 5 legendary relic loots unlocked near the end of the game, each relic have its own unique ability
- Learn additional skills with lumber given end of each stage


[Detailed Description]

What make Summoning Doom unique it's that the game does not totally revolves totally on 'Defending the target' status, it's actually a tightly-team based game in which you and your friends will have complete different kinds of mission in order to complete the game, the game is basically mostly about boss battles, theres are special elements in this game that most Hero Defence doesn't have, one of such thing is like attacking the undead base, which in fact is not a defense game anymore.

At the beginning there are 4 defend mission to start with, but as the game progress, more complex thing will be picked up and you and your team will have to cooperate with each other in order to complete the mission.

Another special element about the game is 'Ultimate Attacks' of the bosses, these skill usually will be used when a boss drop below a certain hp point, when used, they will most likely instant kill you or paralyze you long enough for them to wreak havoc on you, so there come the method of escaping these attacks, they come in forms of magic immune (most common), wind walk (easiest to use), divine shield (most reliable), blink (not too useful, but can escape AoEs) and even disabling the boss (only few can be disabled).

While combining the active skill evading element into the game, there are also skillbooks, which allows you to learn a special passive skill to boost your hero further. Every stage provides at least 1 lumber or you can purchase them with gold if ever need to.

As for the Heroes, I'm trying to balance them as fairly as possible, at the same time, trying to make them as unique as possible, the game may not have a lot of Heroes, but each comes with a unique model (credits to hiveworkshop.com) and ability to define them. As this game is PvE based, most (if not all) have some AoE ability to allow them to farm, of course some have better advantage over others, in exchange for some other fields of ability (example: tanking power, single damage power). I suggest you try each of them out to find your tastes. As for starters, I recommend ranged nukers, since they don't require intense farming unlike melee single hitter (namely blade or dragon blader)


[Stage List]

Arc 1 - Base Defense
Stage 1 - The Beginning (1 Boss)
Stage 2 - The Assault Continues.. (1 Boss)
Stage 3 - More Undead Approaching.. (1 Boss)
Stage 4 - It's about time.. (1 Boss)

Arc 2 - Undead Bastion Invasion
Stage 5 - Entering the Forest (1 Boss)
Stage 6 - Gate Guardians (3 Bosses)
Stage 7 - Gate of Everlasting Terror (4 Bosses)
Stage 8 - Lord of Evil (2 Bosses)

Arc 3 - Siege of Doom
Stage 9 - Golem Siege (1 Boss)
Stage 10 - Gate of True Death (5 Bosses)
Stage 11 - The Touch of Ice (1 Boss)
Stage 12 - The Final Battle (12 Bosses)


The Heroes
Check Hero List

- Legend -

Attack: Ability to deal damage to bosses

Defense: Ability to survive damage taken with base stats and passives

Avoid: Ability to avoid damage through skills

Disable/Support: Ability to disable enemies and ability to support allied heroes

AOE: Ability to clear normal enemies fast


Model - By General_Frank

Blaze Knight, Endyon

Attack - B
Defense - A
Avoid - E
Disable/Support - B

Fire-Based Melee Tank that has well balanced power in all many areas. Very versatile. His positions well in the frontlines of the team.

Can learn Aeons of Fire, Eruption Blast, Lava Armor and Hell Raiser


Aeons of Fire - Summons 4 fire Aeons to support Endyon. Each Aeon will deal damage to enemies near Endyon. The damage done will be used to replenish Endyon.

Lava Armor - When activated, gives Endyon increased armor, heals Endyon over time and a flame aura that damage nearby enemies.

Hellfire / Detonate - Marks a target unit, buffing if its an ally, debuffing it if its an enemy. Marks can be detonated to deal wide aoe damage.

Hell Raiser (Ultimate) - Summons a volcano that periodically deals damage and stun all nearby enemies.

Model - By Kitabatake

The Blade, Sephiroth

Attack - S
Defense - C
Avoid - B
Disable/Support - D

Storm-Based Melee DPS that focuses on illusion combat. Highly mobile, he charges into the fray and summon his clone to wreak havoc on enemies.

Can learn Dash Strike, Shadow Clone, Combat Manuevers and Storm and Gale.


Mirage Strike - Blinks to location and deals damage to all enemies, inflict minor slow on all affected targets. All nearby illusion under Sephiroth will blink in as well, deal extra damage and slowing upon blinking. Gives Sephiroth brief invulnerability.

Shadow Clone - Disappears and reappear with extra clones that deal damage.

Combat Manuevers (Passive) - Gives Increased Critical Chance and Evasion.

Storm and Gale (Passive)(Ultimate) - Whenever Sephiroth attacks, gives a chance to create a tornado on the target that deal damage to all nearby enemies.


Model - By -Grendel

Angel of Darkness, Fanthomy

Attack - A
Defense - A
Avoid - E
Disable/Support - B

Dark-Based Hybrid DPS is a jack of all trades hero, this hero survives by shielding himself with mana coupled with high health and mana regen, while dealing damage over time AoE to his enemies.

Can learn Soul Sapper, Dark Barrier, Dark Regeneration and Field of Execration.


Soul Sapper - Inflict damage over time to a group of enemies.

Dark Barrier - Activates a barrier that absorb incoming damage to mana. On activation, unleashes pulse waves that slow and damages all nearby enemies.

Dark Force - Further improves damages, affecting both physical and spells.

Field of Execration (Ultimate) - Summons a field of dark energy that greatly slows all enemies and damage them over time.


Model - By Mc !

Heavy Knight, Exasis

Attack - B
Defense - S
Avoid - E
Disable/Support - A

Earth-Based Melee Tank that is capable of absorbing large amount of damage and able to provoke and draw heat from allies, being the strongest tank in the game with his ultimate. On the weak side, he may have lesser offensive capablities.

Can learn Quake Blast, Provoking Howl, Power Guard and Invincible.


Quake Blast - Sucks all enemies in and stuns them, dealing damage base on HP and amplify physical damage taken for the duration.

Provoking Howl - Provokes all nearby enemies while decreasing their attack and armor. Deals damage proportional to current HP.

Power Guard (Passive) - Reflects damage to the attacker when attacked. Gain increased armor. Every attack Exasis will also additionally deal extra damage base on MAX HP.

Invincible (Ultimate) - Becomes immune to all physical damage and gain a large amount of damage boost for a short while.


Model - By Tranquil

Arch Angel, Elenai

Attack - C
Defense - A
Avoid - E
Disable/Support - S

Holy-Based Ranged Supporter. His skillset focus much on healing, supporting damage and buffs that provide brief physical immunity. A great addition to any team.

Can learn Holy Wave, Blessing, Concecration and Genesis.


Holy Wave - Heals all nearby allies and damages all nearby enemies

Blessing - Buffs all allies to increase physical/spell damage and reduce spell damage taken.

Consecration - Summons a holy ground that damages and slow all enemies in it.

Genesis (Ultimate)
- Call upon divine light to damage all enemies for a short while, for the duration all allies heals over time and have greatly increased movement speed.


Model - By General_Frank

Azure Dragon, Deltro

Attack - A
Defense - C
Avoid - C
Disable/Support - A

Ice-Based Ranged Nuker. Adept at doing huge amount of magic damage at the cost of heavy mana cost. Incredibly good at clearing mobs fast, but has weak defense and single target potential.

Can learn Freezing Field, Ice Beam, Frost Assault and Dragon Rage.


Freezing Field - Briefly freezes and damage all enemies, and leave behind a ice field that slows and damages enemy over time.

Ice Beam - Fires a beam of frost that freezes and damage all enemy in a line.

Frost Assault - Fires frost missile at all nearby enemies.

Dragon Rage (Ultimate) - Empowers all Deltro's 1st 3 skills and become magically immune for the duration.


Model - By Meteor_demon

Lightning Crusader, Zeromus

Attack - A
Defense - C
Avoid - E
Disable/Support - S

Lightning-Based Ranged Nuker, capable of weakening enemies's magic defense and mass destroy cluster of enemies. A effective Hero against buildings.

Can learn Thunder Flare, Lightning Orb, Hands of the Storm and Laser Barrage.


Thunder Crack - Shocks the area around Zeromus, dealing damage, slowing and amplify their magic damage taken.

Lightning Orb - Summons a lightning orb that silences and blinds enemies upon entering. When the orb is active, all nearby enemies takes damage and takes more magic damage from all sources.

Hands of the Storm -
When activated, all normal attack does chain lightning and gains increased base damage.

Laser Barrage (Ultimate) -
Summons a horde of lasers and that damages all enemies when collided.


Skin - By EvilYardGnome

Assassin, Nightshade

Attack - S
Defense - E
Avoid - A
Disable/Support - C

Speed-Based Hero, adept in applying huge damage to a single target and also creating huge amount of images at once. But has extremely fragile defense.

Can learn Napalm Throw, Glaive Storm, Double Throw and Shinobi Raid.


Napalm Throw - Toss a Napalm bomb and stuns the target, the napalm explodes and deal damage to all nearby enemies. Gains extremely high evasion for a short while.

Glaive Storm - Blinks and leaves behind a large amount of blades to attack nearby enemies.

Double Throw (Passive) - Nightshade will periodically deals magical damage to a random enemy every 0.5 second.

Shinobi Raid (Ultimate) - Summons a large number of clone that deals damage and take heavily reduced damage.


Model - By General_Frank

Pandaren Fencer, Tenyu Stormgale

Attack - A
Defense - B
Avoid - A
Disable/Support - C

Wind Based Melee Fighter, has well balanced ability in term of every stats, making him a very versatile hero, but does not execel in any area. His ultimate has one of the best stuns in the game.

Can Hurricane Crush, Gale Strike, Wind Movement and Windblade Destroyer.


Hurricane Crush - Becomes a tornado and deals damage every secon to nearby enemies, Tenyu is magically immune for the duration.

Gale Strike (Passive) - Deals magic damage to nearby enemies whenever Tenyu attacks.

Wind Movement - Gains maximum speed and reduce damage taken for a while. While under this effect, Tenyu will have a chance to activate Gale Strike when attacked.

Windblade Destroyer (Ultimate) - After charging up, summons fierce winds to tear down all nearby enemies in all directions, stunning for a lengthy period of time.


Model - By General_Frank

Dragon Blader, Zenity

Attack - S
Defense - D
Avoid - S
Disable/Support - B

Sharp Edge Swordmaster. Adept at doing incredible amount of damage at the cost of defense. Have high capability to avoid enemy's attack. Not a good choice for beginners.

Can learn Dragon Dance Blade, Boomerang Step, Intense Blade and Field of Fear.


Dragon Blade Dance - Travels across the battlefield attacking random enemies while being physically and magically immune, gain increased damage boost while in Dragon Dance. 1st and last hit will always be the selected target.

Boomerang Step - Lunges forward and back, dealing damage upon charging and returning. Zenity is invincible during this attack.

Intense Blade - Gains 100% critical status at the cost of increased damage taken for a time period.

Field of Fear (Ultimate) - Fears all target in the area, causing them to lose damage and greatly drops their armor for a time period.


Model - By General_Frank

Astral Mage, Asterisk

Attack - A
Defense - D
Avoid - E
Disable/Support - S

Heavy Fire Nuker, his skillset focus on highly offensive area explosion with crowd controls. He has very huge damage potential but all his skill requires some casting time. Not the best hero for soloing.

Can learn Fire Blast, Blazing Pillar, Astral Whirlpool and Meteor Explosion.


Fire Blast - After 1.5 sec cast time, bombards an area repeatedly, each waves deals damage and stun enemies for a short while.

Blazing Pillar - After 2 sec cast time, burns a target area for extreme damage.

Astral Whirlpool - After 1.5 sec cast time, sucks all nearby enemies to the center, dealing damage, slows them and amplify their spell damage taken.

Meteor Explosion (Ultimate) - Begins channeling a giant meteor to land on enemies, after 5 seconds, the meteor strike the area, dealing extreme damage and stunning enemies. The area continue to burns for a short period of time.


Model - By Sellenisko

Wolf Lord, Ryhogan

Attack - A
Defense - A
Avoid - A
Disable/Support - S

Frontline brawler that is capable of standing infront of bosses and take damage, his skill set focus mainly on single target damage, aoe buffs to all earby allies and debuffs against enemies. His poor aoe capability affects his ability to farm fast.

Can learn Howling Wave, Energizing Howl, Furious Claw and Shadow Claw.


Howling Wave - Empower all nearby allies increased damage while dropping enemies damage and deal damage proportional to current HP. This skill restores mana to Ryhogan.

Energizing Howl - Gains increased speeds to allies and heals them, while giving them brief physical immunity. This skill restores mana to Ryhogan.

Furious Claw - Targets a enemy and performs chain attack on the enemy, dealing primary damage to the target as well as dealing damage to nearby enemies, each repeated attack will drains Ryhogan's mana and he will stop when he runs out of mana or performed 9 attacks. Increases strike damage by 5% following each successful hits.

Shadow Claw (Ultimate) - Turns invisible for a short period of time, upon breaking invisibility by attacking an enemy, deal bonus damage and stuns the target. The target will also lose armor of the duration.


[Picks Recommendation]

Team Roles:

Tanks: Heavy Knight / Wolf Lord / Blaze Knight

Pure DPS: Blade / Assassin / Dragon Blader

Mob Clearers: Azure Dragon / Astral Mage / Lightning Crusader

Jack of all Trades: Pandaren Fencer / Angel of Darkness

Godsend Support: Arch Angel

For starters, try Blaze Knight, Lightning Crusader, Pandaren Fencer, Heavy Knight or Azure Dragon.

For solos, Blaze Knight, Angel of Darkness and Pandaren Fencer are the best picks.

For team games, Azure Dragon, Lightning Crusader, Wolf Lord, Astral Mage and Arch Angel are one of few top supporters.


Enrage Mechanics Explained

Introduced in v2.14c, all boss encounter will trigger enrage mechanic which will increase all enemy unit's base damage over time.

Enrage Timer is triggered as follows:
- Attacking the boss
- Coming into 1200 range of boss (Note that staying in fountain region does not count)

Enrage Timer have 10 stages:
1st stage starts after 120s into boss fight - 10% damage increase*
2nd stage starts after 180s into boss fight - 20% damage increase
3rd stage starts after 210s into boss fight - 30% damage increase
4th stage starts after 240s into boss fight - 40% damage increase
5th stage starts after 270s into boss fight - 50% damage increase
6th stage starts after 300s into boss fight - 75% damage increase
7th stage starts after 330s into boss fight - 150% damage increase
8th stage starts after 360s into boss fight - 250% damage increase
9th stage starts after 390s into boss fight - 500% damage increase
10th stage starts after 420s into boss fight - 1000% damage increase

* Nerzhul is a exception - His enrage starts 480s into boss fight.

To reset Enrage Timer, all heroes must disengage boss for full 75 seconds. Any enrage trigger happen halfway will reset the timer.

Note: For multiple bosses, killing a boss will reset the timer and enrage level to 0.


v2.19 Changes

Patch Notes

v2.19 (Preliminary)

- A secret Hero is added to the game, clues will be throughout the game for you to find out how to unlock it

- Intelligence now affect spell damage. Every 100 Int equals to 3% extra spell damage

- Spell Damage Skill book effect increased: Lv1 7%/ Lv2 15% -> Lv1 15%/ Lv2 30%
- Mana Cost of all spell calculation is increased. Lv1 mana cost will still be the same while lv10's mana cost will be roughly doubled.
- Max MP gain per Int decreased from 5 -> 3
- MP Regen per Int increased from 0.01 -> 0.03
- Decreased all the max MP boosting effect on all items
- Max HP gain per Str increased from 53 -> 60
- HP Regen per Str increased from 0.5 -> 0.75
- All heroes now have a starting base of 5000 HP / 10hp regen, 2500 MP / 4mp regen before accounting attribute stats. (Wolf Lord's MP will not change)

- Arch Angel: Skill 1: Healing increased (2500 -> 4000 base)
- Arch Angel: Skill 4: Healing increased (750 -> 1700 base), now heals every 0.5s instead of 0.75s
- Arch Angel: Skill 4: Cooldown reduced to 70s from 80s

- All item now will not need item combination + recipe with the exception of Tier 5 items. It can be directly purchase as a whole item now

- Items now cannot be shared among other players, item dropped on the ground can only be picked by the owner
- Increase the % lifesteal of the following items
- Oversoul: 1% HP -> 1.5% HP
- Soul Guardian: 1.5% HP -> 2.2% HP
- Hydelin, the unyielding: 2.2% HP -> 3% HP
- Phoenix Staff only heals self now
- Ring of 7 Sins no longer requires to target to cast, but only aim self now. Cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
- Wand of Illusion no longer requires to target to cast, but only aim self now. Cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
- Enduring Snow is renamed as 'Heart of Stone' now

- Stage 1 - 4 Boss's HP and base attack have increased
- Frozen Hell Overlord's HP have increased

- When a player leaves the game, the hero is now removed from the game instead
- Revive time is now changed to be based proportionary on hero's level instead (Revive time = 10s + (0.1s x Hero level)

v2.18 Changes

Patch Notes


Zeromus (Lightning Crusader)
- Fixed a gamebreaking bug that cause Zeromus to take only 1 damage from every source

Fanthomy (Angel of Darkness)
- Fixed Dark Barrier from not able to reduce any damage when shield is activated

Dark Barrier Mana Damage per hit point is changed as follows:
- % damage covered by mana: Lv1/Lv10 23%/50% -> 12%/30%
- Mana cost: Lv1/Lv10 25/65 mana every 1 hp -> 52/70 mana every 1 hp

Pandaren Fencer

Wind Movement is now changed to as follows:
- Wind Movement is renamed as Wind Barrier
- Evasion rate is changed to -> Reduce damage from all sources (LV1 5%, Lv10 50%)
- Duration is fixed to 6 seconds all levels
- Slow Rate changed from 30% all levels -> LV1 13%, Lv10 40%
- Gale Strike activation increased from 25% to 33%

- Fixed Windblade Destroyer's tooltip
- Windblade Destroyer's casting time is reduced from 2.4s to 2.0

- Time before Stage 1 is increased by 20 seconds
- Disenchanter HP increased from 20mil to 25mil
- Core of Life HP increased from 15mil to 20mil (Arc 2), 15mil to 30mil (Arc 3)
- Shop Detection Range increased from 700 to 1200, 300 to 700 for Lv4/5 shop
- Courier is now slightly bigger and easier to click


Sephiroth (Blade)
- Mirage Strike slow reduced from 50% to 30%
- Mirage Strike slow duration increased from 1s to 2s
- Mirage Strike invincibility increased from 0.7s to 0.9s
- Fixed the tooltip of Mirage Strike
- Shadow Clone's damage taken decreased from 110% to 85% (Max level)

Fanthomy (Angel of Darkness)
- Fixed Dark Barrier that causes no pulses of damage to activate

Zeromus (Lightning Crusader)
- Thunder Crack cooldown increase from 3s to 6s (all levels)
- Thunder Crack damage inreased from 3500 (base) to 7000 (base)
- Thunder Crack spell damage taken up duration increase from 5s to 6s
- Fixed Thuder Crack not applying spell damage taken increase debuff

Zenity (Dragon Blader)
- Intense blade damage taken now decreases every level, starting at level 7 intense blade will reduce damage taken instead. (Level 1 - 20% more damage taken, Level 10 - 12% less damage taken)

Nightshade (Assassin)
- Napalm Throw Evasion increased from Lv1/Lv10 (44%/80% -> 64%/100%)

- Warp Lv2 cooldown reduced from 15s to 7s
- Evasion Lv2 increased from 33% to 35%
- Critical Strike Lv2 increased from 30% chance, 2.5x damage to 35% chance, 3x damage
- Cleave Lv2 increased from 40% damage, 500 AoE to 60% damage, 600 AoE

- Tower research cost is reduced from Lv1/2/3 (50000/125000/250000 -> 40000/60000/80000)
- Fixed a bug where shop texts appears in the Final Cutscene

- Stage 6: Homing Flare AoE reduced from 3000 to 1200
- Astral Mage Skill 4: Tooltip fixed
- Lightning Crusader Skill 1: Skill changed -> Thunder Crack: Deals damage to all nearby units, slowing - them and cause them to take more spell damage during the duration.
- Lightning Crusader Skill 2: Damage Increased from 1700 to 2000 base
- Lightning Crusader Skill 2: Manacost increased from 320 to 350 base
- Lightning Crusader Skill 3: Now becomes Passive, Icon changed
- Lightning Crusader Skill 3: Damage per chain lightning increased from 900 base to 1100 base
- Lightning Crusader Skill 3: Targets per chain lightning decrease from 6 to 4
- Lightning Crusader Skill 3: Base Damage increased by 30% Buff changed to -> Increase all damage dealt by 10% and reduce damage taken by 10%
- Lightning Crusader Skill 4: Damage per laser increased from 3500 base to 4400 base
- Lightning Crusader Stats -> STR Base 35 -> 40, AGI Base 25 -> 20
- Pandaren Fencer Skill 2: Damage increased from 500 to 750 base
- Pandaren Fencer Skill 3: Evasion effect changed to reduce damage from all sources (33% all levels)
- Pandaren Fencer Skill 3: Gale Strike Activation chance increased from 25% to 33%
- Pandaren Fencer Skill 4: Stun time set to 6 sec all levels
- Pandaren Fencer Skill 4: Cooldown reduced from 65s to 50s
- Item: Ankh of Reincarnation -> Delay is fix to 20 second correctly, charges reduced from 20 to 12, Gold cost increased to 7500
- Fixed a text issue for Psychic Plate's location being in Armory instead of Lv2 Shop

- Towers: Build time for all tower is reduced from 30s to 20s
- Towers: Classified all mini tower as structures, they will now avoid most disables and spell damage
- Towers: Armor increased for all tower
- Courier: Now permanently invulnerable. Only a maximium of 2 courier per player now.
- Bug Fixes
  • - Stage 10: Fixed a critical issue after Orc Fortress is down where player is unable to enter the cave in malice area
  • - Courier's Drop all Item now works properly
  • - Stage 6's Gravity Demon Ultimate now targets Heroes properly
  • - Stage 10's Orc Fortress will not be moved when target by a vacuum spell
  • - Stage 10's Orc Fortress will not remove the blight in forest now
  • - Skillbook: Spell Damage Lv2 now costs 2 lumber correctly

- New Feature: Tower Defense

  • - Tower Defense will be introduced in this patch. Tower can be builded by Couriers and each tower type will be need to be researched at the Tower Defense Research Center before couriers can build them.
  • - There are 5 different tower types, each with unique abilities.
  • Once researched, the tower does not cost resource to build, but there can only be maximium of 2 tower at any given time per player. This limit can be increased via Tower Research as well.
  • - All tower stats/skill are scaled according to the respective Hero's level and will automatically update whenever the Hero gains every 10 levels.
  • - All tower takes 30 seconds to build finish.
  • - Tower Defense is available right in the beginning of the game. Research building is found near the Core of Life.

- Terrain changes: 3 areas in human base have been modified to add a gate. When respective Human Boss dies, the gate will open, allowing the undead to use the shortcut.
- Lanes Revamp: Additional gate is added in the middle where Zodiac of Justice was. This will change various aspects of the game.

During Stage 1 to 4, Gates will open depending on number of players:
1 Player - 2 gates will close
2 Player - 1 gates will close
3+ Player - all gates are opened
*This will not affect spawn count/rate in any manner
During Stage 9+ onwards. Only middle gate will be opened.

During Last stage, all gates are opened now. It will be a straight path from gate to the Core. Making the stage harder.

- Market Place Revamp, all items in market place have been updated/revamp accordingly, most item will cost 500 gold
- Added Scroll of Speed and Potion of Invisibility to the Marketplace
- Courier gold cost changed 5000 gold due to Tower Defense changes
- Courier HP increased to 30000, with 1000 hp /sec regen
- Courier gains Drop all item ability now
- Courier's Divine Shield changed to 30s duration, 80s cooldown
- Stage 10: Added Orc Fortress during Orc Phase of the Stage
- Stage 12: Nerzhul's Skill have been buffed
  • - Base Damage increased
  • - Call of Doom and Ghost of Vengence is much more frequent
  • - Ghost of Vengence have increased HP
  • - During 33% HP phase Nerzhul will cast ultimate attack more frequent
- Human Units - Knights and Guardian units (All Arcs) have been buffed
- Human Units - Arc 3 Units have been added
- Human Units - Now gains increased stats based on the level in the particular Arc
- Undead Units - Stage 5/7/9/10 undead creeps have been buffed
- Zodiac of Justice have been moved near Arthas Spawn location

v2.17 Changes

Patch Notes

- Changed the model of the Zodiac of Justice
- Bug Fix: Fix a tooltip description error for Wolf Lord's Skill 1 and 3
- Bug Fix: Yet again fix Nerzhul's Cinematic appearance bug by locking him in place
- Bug Fix: Fix a rare issue that causes permanent invulnerbility during Frozen Hell Overlord's Arctic Dungeon
- Bug Fix: Fix a bug that causes Nerzhul to become permanently invulnerable

- Added new Skillbook (Spell Damage Increase)
- Divine Shield ability will dispel all positive/negative buffs upon casting (Reverts to original warcraft 3 spell)
- Divine Shield Skillbook mana cost have increased
- Items - All usable item's mana cost have been bumped based on the level of the item
- Heavy Knight: Skill 2 - Armor Down amount increased
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 3 - Gale Strike Activation Chance increased from 15% to 25%
- Dragon Blader: Skill 4 - Armor Down amount increased (Lv1 30 -> 40, Lv7 79 -> 100)
- Wolf Lord: Skill 3 - Cooldown increased from 2s to 3s
- Wolf Lord: Skill 3 - AoE Effect changed to physical, Aoe Damage will increase by 5% every consecutive hits now, every sucessful 2/5/8 hits will conjure a phantom that attacks nearby enemies with a set damage and 50% cleave skill, lasts 3 seconds
- Wolf Lord: Skill 4 - Armor Down amount increased (Lv1 35 -> 60, Lv7 83 -> 150)
- Mind Strengthening Tome price increased from 30,000 to 50,000 gold
- Fix a somewhat rare bug on Pandaren Fencer's Skill 1 unable to return to normal state after spinning (Please let me know if this bug some happen to you)
- Fix a visual bug on Astral Mage that causes the effect to stay even after casting Meteor Explosion

- Reduced overall file size to about 8mb removing the UI and reduced the preview picture size (not sure why it was 1.6mb)
- Added 7 new items:
Solid Strength Armguards (S7 Armory)
Staff of the Dreadlords (S7 Armory)
Dimension Breaker (S10 Armory)
Nightflare Guardian (Lv3 Shop)
Telementirus (Lv4 Shop)
Star Shiner (Lv4 Shop)
Maximus Axe (Lv4 Shop)
- Solid Strength Halbred and Psychic Shell have been moved to Lv2 Shop
- Stage 7: Iron and Tichdronius's Boss Loot is changed to Solid Strength Armguards and Staff of the Dreadlords
- Everlasting Burning Axe have been moved back from Lv3 shop to Armory again, total price increased to 250,000 gold, stats changed
- Max MP per INT decreased from 8 to 5
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 2 - Damage per Mana increased as result of Max MP reduction
- Advanced Combat Master moved to be available on Final Stage instead

- Fixed an issue where Blizzard based Ultimate will not work
- Blaze Knight: Fixed an skillbug with Skill 1 and Skill 4
- Fixed an issue where timeout in Stage 10 will not trigger lose
- Fixed an issue where enrage timer window is not removed in stage 11, thus will have duplicate windows in stage 12
- Fixed an issue where Nerzhul will walk away the moment he spawns in cinematic
- Fixed an issue regarding True Dark Lord's HP color not updating in Board
- Fixed an issue where Demon will still spawns after winning the game
- Stage 12: Nerzhul's movement speed increased
- Stage 12: Nerzhul's Black Onslaught Black Hole speed reduced

- Stage 12 is finally added to the game concluding the game's ending, Featuring 12 bosses including Nerzhul as final boss.
- Bosses are as follows:
Wave 1) Final Frost Prey, Final Abyss Lord
Wave 2) Final Nerubian Giant, Final Shadow Reaper
Wave 3) Final Gravity Demon, Final Crimson Guardian
Wave 4) Final Death Bringer, Final Iron
Wave 5) True Dark Lord Evolution, Final Nightmare, Final Tichrondrius
Last Wave: Nerzhul the Eternal Uholy (Model by Sellenisko)
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Revamped, changed to Summons 3 stationery Aeons that deals spell damage to nearby enemies and heals nearby allied heroes.
- Blaze Knight: Skill 2 - Damage not scaling with level has been fixed
- Blaze Knight: Skill 2 - Armor Effect Removed
- Blade (Sephiroth): Skill 1 - Fix issue not working with divine shield's invulnerbility and a bug that causes permanent invulnerbility
- Stage 6: Malice Gravity Demon Model changed, using model from Grand Chancellor
- Stage 6: Malice Gravity Demon's Ultimate has been changed -> After 3 seconds, gathers all nearby heroes and slows them, dealing heavy damage. (Same as Astral Mage Skill 3)
- Stage 10: Fix a bug that allow causes Gate of True Death event not appearing when engaging Hel-Shade Dragon
- Stage 10: Hel Shade Dragon Model has been changed (Model By Hayate, Misha)
- Stage 10: Grand Chancellor Model has been changed (Model By -Grendel)
- Stage 10: Grand Chancellor has been renamed as Malice Nightmare
- Stage 10: Malice Nightmare now appear at 25% HP instead of 50%, while Fiery Hell Creatures and Switch will appear at 50%, this means that Gate of True Death wipeout will happen at 50% and also during Malice Nightmare.
- Items: Ring of Seven Sins and Everlasting Burning Axe have been moved to Tier 3 shop (Previously stage 10 boos loots)
- Items: Zenith, the Eternal Radiance - Additional AoE effect damage increased from 200k to 300k
- Player Count HP Scaling has been changed to 50% per player instead. Type -difficulty in game to check the amount for each player count.
- User Interface: Health Bar looks have been changed (Credits to: Avatars Lord)
- General User Interface have been changed (Credits to: I3lackDeath, very awesome UI)
- Added music for Stage 12 Final Boss (Song Name: Remains of Doom, By Nien (From DJ MAX Respect))

v2.16 Changes

Patch Notes

- Max MP per INT is reduced from 12 to 9
- Sephiroth: Skill 1 - Additional Effect: All nearby illusions will teleport to targeted location as well as deal extra damage per illusion. Will also create 1 illusion before teleporting.
- Sephiroth: Skill 1 - Main damage reduced, cooldown increased from 4s -> 5s
- Sephiroth: Skill 1 - Mana cost increased
- Sephiroth: Skill 2 - Mana cost increased
- Assassin: Skill 2 - Mana cost increased
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Images reduced to 3, each image damage increased by 20%, damage taken reduced from 80% -> 70%
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 3 - Duration increased, (Lv1 3.5s, Lv10 5.25s -> Lv1 3.5s, Lv10 8s)
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 3 - Evasion and Speed reduction decreased
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 3 - Gives a 15% chance to activate gale strike while the buff is active
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 3 - Mana cost increasedz
- Sephiroth: Skill 1 - Icon changed (By PeeKay)
- Sephiroth: Skill 2 - Icon changed (By Palaslayer)
- Sephiroth: Skill 3 - Icon changed (By Palaslayer)
- Sephiroth: Skill 4 - Icon changed (By kola)
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 2 - Icon changed (By lelyanra)

- Heavy Knight: Skill 1 - Spell damage changed to deal damage based on current HP
- Heavy Knight: Skill 2 - Damage % increased from 50% -> 100% of current HP
- Heavy Knight: Skill 3 - New effect added, allows Exasis to deal % of Max HP as damage whenever he attacks
- Heavy Knight: Skill 4 - Life Regen Rate improved by 40%
- Arch Angel: Skill 2 - Phy/Spell damage buff increased (20% -> 30% at Max Level)
- Assassin: Skill 1 - Stun Duration reduced from 1.5s -> 1s
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Image Damage have been reduced: Lv1 100%, Lv7 150% -> Lv1 60%, Lv7 120%
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Duration fixed to 15s all levels
- Wolf Lord: Skill 1 - Damage % increased from 50% -> 100% of current HP
- Wolf Lord: Skill 3 - Single target part of damage will now increase by 5% for each sucessful consecutive hits
- Astral Mage: Skill 1 - Icon changed (By D.ee)
- Astral Mage: Skill 2 - Icon changed (By BETABABY)
- Astral Mage: Skill 3 - Icon changed (By 4eNNightmare)
- Astral Mage: Skill 4 - Icon changed (By Infinitynexus)
- Dragon Blader: Skill 1 - Icon changed (By PeeKay)
- Dragon Blader: Skill 2 - Icon changed (By CRAZYRUSSIAN)
- Dragon Blader: Skill 3 - Icon changed (By StaberFire)
- Dragon Blader: Skill 4 - Icon changed (By The Panda)
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 3 - Icon changed (By SkriK)
- Heavy Knight: Skill 3 - Icon changed (By Crowolf)
- Arch Angel: Skill 2 - Icon changed (By Blizzard Entertainment)
- Arch Angel: Skill 3 - Icon changed (By CRAZYRUSSIAN)
- Arch Angel: Model Changed to a female version along with name (Model By Tranquil)
- Stage 6: Disenchanter HP increased from 15m to 20m
- Stage 8: Fix issues where Dark Lord will not push if stayed in gate area
- Stage 11: Added Critical Strike to Frozen Hell OverLord
- Stage 11: Increase evasion of Frozen Hell Lord from 40% to 50%

v2.16c / 2.16d
- Stage 8: Upon timeout on stage 7, enrage level is automatically set to level 5, killing tichrondrius / iron / vile creature at this point will NOT reset enrage timer. Timer to level 6 will be 120s instead of 30s.
- Enrage: Distance to trigger/reset enrage timer is reduced from 1500 to 1200

- Arch Angel: Skill 2 - Skill revamped. Effect changed to increase both physical and spell damage and reduce spell damage taken for 8 seconds duration. 13 seconds cooldown.
- Heavy Knight: Skill 1 - Added new effect that gathers all affected units to infront of Heavy Knight, and causes them to take increased physical damage for the duration (same as stun duration)
- Heavy Knight: Skill 1 - Duration increased from 3s to 4s (Max Level), Cooldown increased from 8s to 11s, AOE now scales according to level (Lv1: 525, Lv10: 750)
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 1 - Debuff duration increased from 5s to 10s
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 2 - Cooldown decreased from 10s to 7s
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 2 - Mana Shield rate Efficency increased by 50%
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 3 - Skill revamped. Effect changed to increase both physical and spell damage by %. Passive.
- Wolf Lord: Skill 1 - Fix a bug where HP % damage did not scale with level
- Stage 9: Frozen Golem Boss - Added Bash Ability
- Changed Magic Damage Amplify aura model
- Fix Zenith and Ancient Energy core from not affect enemies with Magic Amplify
- Changed the Boss ultimate sound effect for stage 1 to 4
- Updated the tooltip for mana regen items and relics

- Fix Angel of Darkness's Mana Shield bug from fully absorbing the damage as mana
- Fix a bug that prevent Dark Lord Evo from spawning during timeout event
- All item mana regen effect are reduced by half (Skillbook lv1 remains the same, lv2 reduced by 0.1%)
- Fix Fiery Hell Master's ultimate from trigger even after death
- Fix a bug at Stage 9 that causes the boss to immediately start attacking
- Fix Psychic Shield and Guardian Staff duration
- Zenith Relic effect have been improved: Damage increased from 150k to 200k, Cooldown decreased from 5s to 2.5s, Range increased from 1000 to 1400
- Removed 2 lumber counts from Stage 1 and 2 that was unintentionally given

- New damage engine introduced: Credits to Bribe from www.hiveworkshop.com!
Link Here - Damage Engine
- Magic Immune changes: Psychic Shield and Guardian Staff will only prevent spell damage, status effect can still go through. These change were made as buff will be removed upon casting old patches magic shield, as such Arcane Blaze Shield / Hydelin still retain magic immunity, but buff will be removed.Psychic Shield and Guradian Staff will retain buff upon activating.
- Divine Shield changes: Divine Shield will not remove buff upon activation now.
- Mana cost Revamp: All Hero Mana have been rescaled (Level 1 will remain around the same, level 10 will be near 4 times of level 1 mana cost)
- Mana Regen item revamp, all mana regen item now restore % of max mana every second instead of flat bonus
- Mana Regen (Skillbook) changed from flat bonus to % of max mana every second.
- Magic Defense Down have been changed to Magic Amplification
- All items Magic Amplify effect does not stack with each other, but skill amplify does (Lightning Crusader's Magic Amplify will stack with Blaze Knight and also on top of item)
- Magic Defense Up changed to Reduced Spell Damage
- All Reduce Spell Damage item does not stack but it can stack with Skill Reduced Spell Damage
- HP per STR reduced from 55 to 53
- Enrage Timer to Level 1 is changed from 90s to 120s
- Enrage Timer to reset is changed from 45s to 75s
- Blaze Knight: Eruption Blast (Skill 2) removed
- Blaze Knight: Add new skill: Hellfire (Skill 3) and Detonate which will be learned upon learning Hellfire
- Blaze Knight: Lava Armor (Skill 3) changed to Skill 2
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Aeon of Fire damage lifesteal increased from 8% to 25%
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Aeon scan range increased from 400 to 600
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Aeons hit 1 additional target now
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - cooldown decreased to 15s, duration remain the same
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Damage Bonus Aura removed
- Blaze Knight: Skill 2 - Heal rescaled (overall decrease)
- Blaze Knight: Skill 2 - Duration changed from 10s to 15s, cooldown from 10s to 15s
- Blaze Knight: Skill 4 - Wave Count reduced from 12 to 10, interval from 1.5s to 1s, and stun duration per hit from 1s to 0.5s
- Blade (Sephiroth) Skill 1 - Damage increased
- Blade (Sephiroth) Skill 2 - Clone damage increased by 5% all levels, cooldown increased from 10s -> 15s, duration increased to 60s
- Arch Angel: Skill 1 - Damage increased
- Arch Angel: Skill 3 - Damage increased greatly
- Azure Dragon: Skill 3 - Damage increased
- Lightning Crusader: Skill 1 - Damage increased greatly
- Lightning Crusader: Skill 2 - Damage increased greatly, Magic Amplify changed from 42% to 25% (Max Level) due to Spell Damage change
- Lightning Crusader: Skill 3 - Damage decreased
- Dragon Blader: Skill 1 - Attack Loops fixed to 7 from all levels (Previous 5(Lv1) to 9(Lv10))
- Dragon Blader: Skill 2 - Damage increased
- Dragon Blader: Skill 3 - Damage taken increased from 30% to 40% (All levels)
- Dragon Blader: Skill 3 - Critical damage reduced from 300%/600% to 200%/400% (Min/Max Level)
- Assassin: Skill 1 - Evasion Bonus skills with level now, (Lv1 40%, LV10 85%)
- Assassin: Skill 2 - Improved damage for late game
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Image Damage increased from 118% per image to 150% per image (Max Level)
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Image Damage taken increased from 50% to 80% (Max Level)
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Duration scales by level now, lv 1 (15s) up to lv7 (21s)
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 1 - Damage increasedu
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 2 - Damage increased
- Astral Mage: Skill 2 - Damage increased greatly
- Astral Mage: Skill 3 - Damage increased greatly
- Astral Mage: Skill 3 - Slow Effect reduced. Duration changed to 5 seconds. Adds a new effect: Amplify spell damage taken.
- Astral Mage: Skill 4 - Damage increased
- Item: Ultima Relic Effect does not work with illusion now
- Item: Hydelin Relic Effect does not work with illusion now
- Item: Exodia Relic Effect cannot trigger when attempt to attack allies now

v2.15 Changes

Patch Notes

- Blaze Knight: Base STR and INT / per level increased
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Increased damage, damage aura effect increased, aeons hits 1 extra target
- Blaze Knight: Skill 2 - Slighty increase damage
- Blaze Knight: Skill 3 - Greatly improved heal and armor, duration change to 10s, cooldown to 10s
- Blaze Knight: Skill 4 - Increased Damage, cooldown reduced from 90s -> 80s
- Blade (Sephiroth): Base AGI / per level increased
- Blade (Sephiroth): Skill 2 - Duration increased to 45s, image damage taken increased from 50% (Max Level) to 110% (Max Level)
- Angel of Darkness: Skill 4 - Cooldown reduced from 90s to 85s
- Arch Angel: Base STR / per level increased
- Arch Angel: Skill 1 - Damage increased
- Arch Angel: Skill 2 - Cooldown reduced from 24s to 20s
- Arch Angel: Skill 3 - Cooldown reduced from 15s to 10s
- Azure Dragon: Skill 1 - Damage increased
- Azure Dragon: Skill 2 - Damage increased
- Azure Dragon: Skill 3 - Damage increased
- Lightning Crusader: Skill 1 - Damage increased
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 1 - Damage increased
- Pandaren Fencer: Skill 4 - Greatly increase damage, cooldown reduced from 70s -> 65s
- Assassin: Base AGI / per level increased
- Assassin: Skill 1 - Greatly increased damage, evasion fixed to 100% all levels
- Assassin: Skill 2 - Damage increased
- Assassin: Skill 4 - Images count fixed to 4 at all levels, cooldown reduced from 90s -> 80s, duration increased from 15s -> 20s, image damage taken increased from 30% -> 50%
- Dragon Blader: Skill 3 - Damage taken increased from 25% -> 30% all levels
- Astral Mage: Skill 1 - Damage increased, cast time reduced from 2s to 1.5s
- Astral Mage: Skill 2 - cast time reduced from 2.5s to 2s
- Astral Mage: Skill 4 - cooldown reduced from 90s to 75s
- Wolf Lord: Skill 4 - cooldown reduced from 60s to 50s
- Gold Bounty: Stage 1 to 8 gold bounty improved for all creeps and bosses
- Bounty Text for bosses that give lumber as well is changed to purple
- Stage 6: Reduced Hell Hound's base damage, damage aura removed
- Stage 6: Reduced Malice Death Bringer and Malice Gravity Demon's Base HP
- Stage 9: All normal creep damage reduced
- Stage 10: All normal creep damage increased

- Removed all bonus effect on Boss Aura
- Reduce the damage aura increase on Stage 3 and 4 Elite Creep
- Blaze Knight: Skill 3: Cooldown reduced from 15s to 11s

- Removed Speed Aura on Hell Hound due to unintended attack speed stacking on Stage 6, making the game almost impossible
- Reduced Elite Creep Aura bonus
- Slightly decrease Stage 1 Elite Creep's Stats
- Fix to set spawn Human units immediately at the beginning of stage 1 to 4
- Set human movement behavior to move back to base after a boss is defeated during Stage 1 to 4
- Disenchanter's HP have been increase by 50% and given Fortitifed armor

- Fix stage 6 event from repeating after it ended
- Fix stage 6 crimson guardian's ultimate bug
- Fix stage 6's right lane spawning bug
- Fix human pushing path for stage 6
- General: Many standard creep's HP/Atk damage have increased, particularly from Stage 5 to 7
- General: All bosses have their HP increased.
- Stage 7's Devil guard / Demon Guard / Rocks from hell have dramatically increased stats now,
along with gold bounty
- Stage 7 and Stage 10 bosses will stay instead of attacking now
- Stage 10: Hel Shade Dragon Boss gains new skill and increased damage
- Stage 11: Frozen Hell Overlord Phases changed from 75%/35% to 80%/50%

- Terrain change at the front gate for Stage 1 - 4 changes
- Stage 1 - 4: Added 2 spawns, middle spawn reduced but still spawning creeps
- Elite Creep have been significantly buffed and given aura
- Stage 5: Objective reduced from 10mins to 7mins
- Stage 5: Failure attempts in this stage is 3 times now before game over
- Stage 6 has been revamped: Objective to defend scouter has been expanded to include against the 2 bosses in stage 6. Failure to defend scouter will result in game over.
- Stage 6 Crimson guardian gain an additional ultimate, mines ability.
- Stage 7: Objective time reduced from 20mins to 10mins
- Stage 10: Objective time reduced from 20mins to 10mins
- Physical Ultimate boss will gain collision off during ultimate duration
- HP of Stage 1/2/3/4/6/7 bosses have been increased
- Enemy's HP % for player difficulty have been increased from 85/135/165/185/200/215 to 100/150/180/200/220/240

v2.14 Changes

Patch Notes

- Fixed a critical bug that stops Dark Lord Evo from spawning
- Sephiorth: Skill 2 - Image Duration increased from 20s to 30s

- Reverts hotkey to WEDR as Q is spellbook key
- Enrage timer reset increased to 45 seconds

- Just a visual update on loading screen and preview screen, also to fix the version title on 2.14h


- As requested... Skill hotkeys changed from WEDR to QWER
- Blaze Knight: Skill 1 - Adds a new effect that boost all allies with damage increase for the duration of the skill
- Astral Mage: Skill 2 - Change the duration of the damage, full hit 1s -> 1.5s, minor hit 2s -> 12s, minor hit damage reduced
-> Fix a critical bug regards to the recent changes made on corpse removal

- Fix Dark Lord Evolution's Illusion from triggering boss death event
- Recode target selection for Magic Defense aura mechanic to exclude dead units in an attempt to reduce lag
- Fix Lifesteal Skillbook lv2's gold cost to 0
- Fix a minor timer window bug during stage 5
- Fix Blade's Skill 2 tooltip
- Fix Angel of Darkness's Skill 2 tooltip

- Increase all lumber requirement of Hero to 5000, as well as giving all players 5000 lumber at starting
- Assassin: Skill 2 - Fixed a exploit that allow casting of the spell without going into cooldown.
- Following Hero's Ultimate cooldown has been changed (all levels)
Blaze Knight: 85s -> 90s
Angel of Darkness: 85s -> 90s
Heavy Knight: 60s -> 80s
Arch Angel: 60s -> 80s
Azure Dragon: 60s -> 80s
Lightning Crusader: 70s -> 85s
Dragon Blader: 60s -> 80s
Assassin: 65s -> 90s
Pandaren Fencer: 55s -> 70s
Wolf Lord: 42s -> 60s

- HP per STR reduced from 57 to 55
- Lightning Crusader: Allow Hands of the storm to work under immunity effect that might dispel the buff. Changed duration to 20 seconds at all levels.
- Blaze Knight: Skill 3 SFX changed
- Item: Crown of Golden King will now give HP bonus properly
- Item: Blue Destiny Armor will now give magic defence bonus properly
- Fix additional countdown window from popping out at stage 6
- Bosses: All general Boss's HP have been increased, certain ult damage increased
- Bosses: All Self Buff SFX have been changed to a single type of buff
- Stage 9: Malice Dark Lord gains Mirror Image when below 40% as well
- Stage 11: Malice Storm Wyrm and Deeplord Revenant will have Ultimate when below 70%
- Map: Forest onward region is now Fog of War instead of total darkness
- Enrage Level reflected properly to 0 when fighting multiple bosses
- Camera panning to Boss when they appear is now instant
- All Physical Immune Buff reverted to old model

- Dragon Blader: Skill 3: Crit bug fixed
- Dragon Blader: Skill 3: Crit dmg bonus decreased from 7.5x to 6x
- Fix Enrage Timer Window from bugging
- Item: Oversoul MP % gain per attack reduced from 0.4% to 0.2%
- Item: Oversoul Max MP gain reduced from 10000 to 5000
- Item: Soul Guardian MP % gain per attack reduced from 0.6% to 0.4%
- Item: Oversoul Max MP gain reduced from 15000 to 10000
- Item: Hailstorm Jewell Max MP gain reduced from 20000 to 15000
- Item: Hydelin, the Unyielding MP % gain per attack reduced from 0.8% to 0.7%
- Item: Fix all item price and sell item cost
- Skillbook: Warp Skill gold cost have been reduced to 1500 gold
- Item: Courier Assistant is now only 300 gold
- Skillbook: All lv2 skill including Warp now costs 2 lumber only
- Stage 7: Tichondrius's Ultimate stun has been reduced from 15s to 9s, increased 45000 damage to 80000 damage
- Stage 9: Granite Golem stun ability have been removed

- Enrage Timer Implemented - Check under 'Enrage Timer Mechanics on sub-quest log for more details
- Wolf Lord: Skill 1 and 2 now provides 20% max mana at all levels
- Wolf Lord: Skill 1, enemy damage reduction has been reduced, adds an new effect that damage all nearby enemies based on current HPbased on Wolf Lord's current HP, AoE reduced by 200
- Wolf Lord: Skill 3 mana cost is changed to 10% max mana + (300 x level) for 1st hit, 5% max mana + (150 x level) for following hits
- Wolf Lord: Skill 3: Total extra hit cap is set to 8 now, following strikes much faster now from 0.3s -> 0.2s per hit
- Wolf Lord: Skill 3: Cooldown 2s -> 5s
- Dragon Blader: Skill 4 - Cooldown 75s -> 60s
- Assassin: Skill 1 - Invisible effect is changed to Evasion, scales with level
- Fix Assassin's skill 2 from hitting own allies
- Heavy Knight: Skill 2 - Cooldown from 13s -> 10s
- Heavy Knight: Skill 2 - Adds an effect to damage all nearby enemies based on current HP
- Fix a bug where the Frozen Golem will attack even before the stage starts
- Item: Oversoul - Soul Steal Effect reduced from 1% Max MP to 0.4% Max MP
- Item: Soul Guardian - Soul Steal Effect reduced from 2% Max HP tp 1.5% Max HP, 2% Max MP to 0.6% Max MP
- Item: Hydelin, the Unyielding - Added Soul Steal Effect (2% Max HP / 0.8% Max MP)
- Stage 6 Boss: Gravity Demon - Ultimate hitbox is changed to target 500 range infront
- Stage 11 Boss: Frozen Hell Overlord - Lethal Shards damage have been reduced by 40000
- Stage 11 Boss: Frozen Hell Overlord, all Ice Orb autoattack damage reduced by 2000 per hit
- Gold bounty for Stage 9/10/11 creeps have been reduced by 33% on average
- Added a text on fountain to show 100% refund for item sold

- Fix Dark Lord Evo's ultimate bug from using wipeout even when not broadcasting ultimate
- Fix Grand Chancellor not using land mine ultimate
- Decrease the ultimate frequency of stage 2/3/7 bosses
- Reduced Stage 1 creep's HP and attack slightly
- Stage 1/2/3 boss have reduced HP/Dmg and Skill Dmg
- Assassin's Skill 4 clone count have been reduced to 4 from 6, each clone damage dealing 118% from 140% at max level, each clone take 30% damage for all levels now.
- Item selling refunds 100% of the gold now

- Lvl 5 shop is introduced. Lv 5 shop is opened after stage 9.
- Ultima Blade is renamed as Ultima, the Destroyer and moved to Lvl 5 shop
- Added 3 Legendary Artifacts to Lvl 5 shop:
Exodia, the Moonlight Dance (AGI item)
Zenith, the Eternal Radiance (INT item)
Hydelin, the Unyielding (Universal item)
- All Legendary Artifact including Ultima will have an unique relic ability. Check them out!
- Castle Area now have permanent vision for all players
- EXP gain range is extended to 5000 from 2500.
- Mirror Image Skill changes: All item mirror image have been globally changed to 30sec duration / 20 sec cooldown.
- Changes to damage as follow:
Horn of Illusion (33% Dmg/133% taken -> 25% Dmg/125% taken)
Sword of Sacrifice (50% Dmg/125% taken -> 33% Dmg/100% taken)
Midnight Slasher (60% Dmg/100% taken -> 40% Dmg/100% taken)
Illusion Count did not change.
- Sephiroth, Skill 1 cooldown 6s -> 4s
- Sephiroth, Skill 2 cooldown 20s -> 7s, duration 75s -> 20s, taken dmg (max lvl) 80% -> 55%, phase time is increased from 0.5s -> 1s
- Rina, Skill 4 cooldown 70s -> 65s, duration 20s -> 15s
- Physical Immunity shield animation have been changed
- Animation of following Heroes / Item have been changed:
Heavy Knight Skill 1
Astral Mage Skill 2
Astral Mage Skill 3
Lightning Crusader Skill 4
Sephiroth Skill 1
Sephiorth Skill 2
Azure Dragon Skill 2
Arcane Blazed Shield Activation
- Rina has been reverted back to old model, and named Nightshade again
- Bosses of all stages have been buffed, gaining new skills and increased damage
- Ultimates of various bosses have been modified:
Bosses after stage 5 clears their debuff before ultimate, which means they are uncancellable now
Stage 4 Abyss Lord Ultimate has reduced it cooldown by 4 seconds
Stage 6 Gravity Demon have ultimate now
Stage 7 Tichondrius have ultimate now
Stage 6 Crimson Guardian's ultimate hits twice, 2nd one after 3 seconds
Stage 8 Malice Dark Lord now uses wipeout as his ultimate
Stage 8 Malice Dark Lord Evo gains wipeout Theta instead, deals wipeout 3 with 1 sec interval
Stage 9 Frozen Hell Golem uses Crushline ultimate more regularly
Stage 10 Grand Chancellor uses both ultimate in tandem instead of alternating

v2.07b -> v2.13f Changes

- Added stage 10 and 11
- Many item updates, item revamp, shops revamped
- 2 new Heroes (Wolf Lord and Astral Mage)
- Huge changes have been made to the game since patch 2.07b, revamps to damage calculation, items, etc
- Stay tune for more updates as I am making update every few days!


Credits (Still in progress to track authors)

Damage Engine - By Bribe
Damage Engine


Honorable People - General_Frank, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Mc ! and Kitabatake

Blaze Knight Model - By General_Frank
Blade Model - By Kitabatake
Angel of Darkness Model - By -Grendel (Old Model: azruk)
Heavy Knight Model - By Mc !
Arch Angel Model - By Tranquil
Azure Dragon Model - By General_Frank
Dark Paladin Model - By Meteor_demon
Assassin Skin - By EvilYardGnome
Pandaren Fencer Model - By General_Frank
Dragon Blader Model - By General_Frank
Astral Mage Model - By General_Frank
Wolf Lord Model - By Sellenisko

Frozen Hell Golem King Model - By Burning_Dragoon5
Frozen Hell Overlord Model - By General_Frank
Nerzhul Model - By Afronight_76


Crystal Flare Icon - By Anachron
Butterfly Icon - Anonymous
Lord of Legion Helmet Icon -
Dragon Claymore Icon - By IamtheRper
Power Gladens Icon -
Diamond Gust Icon -
Divine Rapier Icon - Anonymous
Immaculate Icon -
Ice Crown Icon - By CRAZYRUSSIAN
Wind Boots Icon - By Mc !
Blood Dagger Icon - By CRAZYRUSSIAN
Frontier Vanguard Icon - By BlackDoom
Sword of Sacrifice Icon -
Titan Mace Icon -
Soul Crystal Icon - By CRAZYRUSSIAN
Psychic Shell Icon - By Mc !
Solid Strength Halberd Icon -
Raion Arts Icon - Anonymous
Hail Storm Jewel Icon -
Light Edge Icon -
Arcane Blazed Shield Icon - By Mc !
Armor of the Wind God Icon -
Midnight Killer Icon - By GooS
Blue Crystal Blade Icon -
Black Shadow Sword Icon -
Ultima Blade Icon - By CRAZYRUSSIAN

Field Assault Icon -


Arcane Glaive Projectile -
Dark Paladin's Projectile -
Red Glaive Missile - By Skizzik
Blizzard Missile - By s4nji

Dark Paladin's Aura Effect -
Sea Aura Effect -
Dark Nova Effect -
Electrical Shockwave Effect -
Fire WarStomp Effect -
Thunder WarStomp Effect -
Water Dissolve Effect -
Gigantic Green Missile Effect -
Gigantic Green Nova Effect - By Kitabatake
Black Lightning Effect -
Crystal Infernal Birth -
Demon Shield - By DevineArmy
Defensive Barrier - By EdwardSwolenToe
Hydelin Shield Effect - By stan0033 (Mass Dispel Effect)


Stage 11 BGM - Beyond Yourself - By Mycin.T (From DJ MAX Respect)
Stage 12 BGM - Remains of Doom - By NieN (From DJ MAX Respect)

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The Summoning Doom v2.18fPre (Map)

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Expect a review soon Edited: Here goes my review -Interesting concept. Nice map layout for this map genre. Well designed base. -The items are nice :D -Hero design is great and truly fits the role described for each. -The Assassin, though, his...
Loading time is really big. It might be a problem on B.net. Some spells don't have the Requires number level to learn. Chose the first two spells then levelled up and still could not choose Lava Armour. Spells need proper description. How much damage...
  1. Glica


    Aug 14, 2008
  2. Cweener


    Oct 10, 2009
    Mass Purging Template Version 4.0

    Reason for not approving:
    function PurgeV4.0 takes Triggers(leaky) Terrain(unvariating) returns Rejection
  3. x3kid


    Jul 6, 2012
    This game is truely awesome but is it possible to buff sephiroth up a little bit cause at certain stages he keeps dying
  4. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008
    I'm back from an 8 year long hiatus..

    Recently I refurbished this map into a working order. Perhaps can seek advise should I upload the newer version as a new thread or continue updating into this?
  5. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    @deepstrasz @Paillan @twojstaryjakcie might want to look into the matter.

    I suggest to update this one instead of making another.
  6. Paillan


    Map Reviewer

    Jan 22, 2011
    Re opened for new reviews
  7. Strikest


    Aug 27, 2012
  8. cungthupro


    Jul 18, 2018
    the summoning doom ver 2.13 , blaze knight fire shield also damaged teammate , longevity stone did not recarnation when i buy it , the bosses spam ultimate skill too fast , can u fix this , tks u very much :D :D :D
  9. nguyentvk


    Jul 18, 2018
    Hi XydenicWings,
    i can not complete this map, i can't kill last boss because i can't find any way to this boss (image attachment).
    Boss name is Iternal Unholy.
    I missing any guide ? Or you can support me to kill this boss.


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  10. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008
    Hey guys, I am glad my map is still receiving attention. Right now I'm uploading the new maps at epicwar.com, do search there for new versions. (Edit: I have updated the map on this thread as well)

    @cungthupro I have fixed reincarnation bug, it was that particular version's bug. Thanks for pointing out Lava Armor bug, I have fix that in 2.13e

    @nguyentvk Yes, as of now, stage 12 is not released. Keep your eyes peeled, I am making updates very often.

    Guys can find me at Gameranger, where I usually resides to post test maps. My IGN is Estellrie
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  11. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008

    My map should be ready for another review soon, trying to stabilize the map as newer things gets added, they might break the game in some way.


    v2.13f is out now. Stable version. A couple of fixes to patch 2.13e.

    Let me know if there is any bugs and I'll be happy to fix it.
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  12. Sirmarkis29


    Apr 24, 2017
    a 2008 map with new updates?? :) amazingggg
    gg bro! gonna test it have a amazing day ;)
  13. xAqua


    Jul 23, 2018
    @XydenicWings ty for your work. Beat this map in duo w/ broken Azure Dragon. Was kinda hard but we've made it.
    Played 2.13f aswell. Last Ice Golem was the most annoying. Those instacast spells... man...
    Stat tomes added in 2.13f are pointless in my opinion cuz whole game is just skill spamming. Some heroes we tried, just cant do such amount damage to kill mobs/bosses with ordinary attack. And 20k/per tome... arent worth it. Especially after 8th wave.
    Also. Those regen scrolls. Why? 15k hp regen when your hero on 50k total? And some bosses just launch wipeout attack on 200k+ dmg =\

    Anyway, map is beatable and enjoyable if you like modes kinda:
    1 spam skills
    2 die cuz of 200k+ or 200k+++wipeout
    3 revive on fountain cuz no slots for ressurection items
    4 repeat from point 1 until This Insta-Cast-Ice-Golem coming to core.

    Oh, this assassin model. Didnt fit in other heroes style. This thing upset me very much :(
    As an suggestion, maybe add some lvl 3 passsive abilities?
  14. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008
    By golem you mean stage 11? There was a golem at stage 9 only.. I believe you meant Frozen elemental.

    What regen scroll you are referring to? Did not remember any of those in the game. Maybe you can let me know the name?

    Wipeout tbh are meant to 1 shot you, you are suppose to use skills to dodge such as wind walk, magic immunity, divine shield, etc. In 2.13f I actually raise the HP value high enough that people are surviving thru the attacks.

    For tome shop,well to be honest I just add them as an option that you can spend on when you have absolutely nothing else to buy. Tbh, I don't think that will happen.. so for me its just there for the sake of being there.

    P.S. Assassin model was originally reskinned Maiev. Well I might change it back, depending on crowd opinions.
  15. xAqua


    Jul 23, 2018
    Yup. Its him, sorry for missnaming :)

    Screen in attachment.

    Well, cant say specifically which skill, but bosses dont give a... when hero under magic immunity protection. For example, panda hero. Bosses just hit him w/ spells despite he activate Hurricane crush which gives him magic immunity. Maybe we just didnt pay much attention on it. Only Divine potion helps.

    In compare with 2.13e, we didnt see the difference, sorry :(

    Question isnt about "nothing else to buy". Its about "where i can get gold for those items". In duo we have 1 fully packed offensive hero and decently packed second hero. Despite hes offensive too. But at some point his offensive abilities just become pretty useless, and that hero starts to work as distraction.

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  16. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008
    That HP regen scroll is kinda obsolete it was added into the game very early on. I probaly will remove it. To be fair all consumables were obsolete after stage 4.

    Hurricane crush should be working as it is, there were only 2 instance of pierce immunity spells done by stage 10 bosses, they were fixed quite a while back. Frozen Elemental boss has a physical spell as well.

    By stage 11, most games would have farmed a full set with decent items. I'm allowing full refund for bought items in upcoming patch, this may help to switch game styles easily.
  17. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008
    v2.14b has been released! Please check front page for changelog
  18. xAqua


    Jul 23, 2018
    When Rok'Han spawns in cut-scene and in his area stays heroes/mobs he moves toward them and tryes to kill them.
    Actual in-game example. Hero was near main gates which leads to portal. Rok'Han spawns and moves to that hero. Almost killed that hero.
    So, cut-scene started and we just watching empty space with his dialogue.
  19. XydenicWings


    Dec 22, 2008
    Hi all,

    2.14e is released. Please check changelog from 2.14c to 2.14e for changes.

    I have fixed that in the latest patch
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  20. Alexen


    Map Reviewer

    Aug 6, 2015
    Expect a review soon

    Edited: Here goes my review

    -Interesting concept. Nice map layout for this map genre. Well designed base.
    -The items are nice :D

    -Hero design is great and truly fits the role described for each.

    -The Assassin, though, his glaive spell (based on Blink) has some issues that can be abused.
    -If you stop right when you cast the spell, the spell does not enter in cooldown but the thing that launches glaives appears.
    -Therefore, you can spam that spell to summon a lot of defensive units that throw glaives at all incoming enemies. See screenshot here: Imgur
    -I suggest you modify the trigger, use "unit finishes casting an ability" instead of "starts the effects of an ability"

    -Her name described in her spells is apparently "Rina" not "Nightshade" as she is named as a hero.

    -The icon for some heroes is not good, doesn't represent the actual hero at all. (That's just a subjective point of view, don't mind it)

    -Love the Fireblast spell of the Astral Mage

    -If your hero dies, you are able to pick another hero before the original one respawns.

    -Overall, the map is nice but needs some tweaks that are not game-breaking at all. Vote for approval. 4/5.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018