The Prime Wolver

A important note: "This skin is released to tribute and celebrate Wolverabid's birthday. I know that is he isn't really a feral spirit wolf but rather a balverine but this skin will rely on Wolf model. The Kuhneghetz's Balverine will work for this skin as long you change the path you want. As a final word for him, may the old wolf rest in peace." DISCLAIMER: Except the icon and the file size of the skin. This skin will not change until 1 month later, any feedbacks reserved for accurated fixes.

Prime Wolver is a freed Spirit Wolf no longer bounded by command and walk its own path. This is also why the wolf's team color has been moved to the back and removing the foot bracelet depicting freedom from our world.

Texture Path:
Since it's unknown if Hive actually shown Balverine model on a list in 3d viewer. I will only put the white wolf path below and the others you can do it by yourself.

Version 1.0Released

The Prime Wolver (HD) (Texture)

The Prime Wolver (SD) (Texture)

Prime Wolver Icon (Icon)

Approved. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
Right, so finally found some time so hopefully I can also get your Blademaster reviewed as well as this wolf:

The Good:
Hair is always a tricky one and can be hard to make good or to do in a particular style. In this case you've aced it. The flow of the hair looks all good and the movement from the darker to lighter shades works really well. The subtle blue and silvery colouring at the extremities adds to the quality. The texture overall is very well done and whilst I imagine it might have been a bit boring since there's little to the texture other than the face and claws. To draw so much hair with so much detail is an excellent achievement. The underside of the paws also looks really good for an area that someone will almost never see lol, however it is attention to detail which is the hallmark of a good texturer as we see here.

Areas for Improvement:
Looking at the texture as applied to the model, I do feel like the hair on the legs is a bit too... horizontal? But other than that I can't think of anything else to say another high quality skin :)

A good consistent texture to turn your wolves into mythological beasts, looks really good, has team colour and can be used together with other models that use the wolf texture. Not much else to say other than 5/5. Good job Shido!