The Plague: Modern Warfare (coming Soon)

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Level 10
Mar 9, 2008
This is the sequel to the fairly succesful Plague zombies game. The plague was a medieval zombie survival game. It was a very open game and a lot of people enjoyed it a lot. Now, the modern version of the game is now soon to come. It will feature many costom models and modern cities to create a modern feel. There will be an ally system so you can ally or kill the other players. Overall, the concept of zombie survival will remain the same but you will be able to choose whether or not you want to ally others or be a rogue force of your own. The choice is yours but if the zombies start attacking you and your trying to kill the other players, youll have some hard fighting on your hands. So far is is about 25% done and is fun even now. Having an urban enviornment in this game is refreshing and new which makes it more enjoyable. Post any comments, questions, or ideas you might have for my map.

Thanks and ejoy playing.

Heres the link for the original plague game.

Feel free to dowload and comment on the old version as well.
Not open for further replies.