The Golden Crest - TES 4: Oblivion mod

Level 13
Apr 21, 2007
Hey guys :)

Just wanted to share with you a mod I've worked on for quite a while now (which has been out a pretty long time too), titled the Golden Crest, which is essentially a major pirate quest mod for Oblivion.

Not sure why I didn't create this thread before, but if there are any Oblivion players on this forum I'd appreciate it if you could check out my mod. I've started working on it again and a new update should arrive by the end of the month. Currently it offers around 40 quests, most of which last longer than the vanilla quests and add about 35 hours of gameplay.

Anyway, you can find more info on the official mod page on TESNexus.

If you have any problems, suggestions or simply want to give out your opinion of the mod feel free to contact me either here, on TESNexus or via email (though it might take me some time to reply via email, as I check it once in a few days).