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The forge.

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Level 18
Apr 15, 2004
Sansui has opened up his doors to do some models for you all.

place a request here, Sansui is reserved the right to cancel and or not do any request he chooses.

Let the requests begin!

only scratch, and im not doing alot of units.

Requests must now follow the request format.
1.Model name.
2.Exact details of looks, iclude a picture or hand drawn concept.
3.Exact details on animations (stand, attack, spell, stand ready, death, decay) ect.ect.
4.exact details on attachments.

example request.
1.Dwarf warrior:
2.Short fat, chest plate, pauldrons open face helm. braided beard and shinguards.
stand-1 normal breathing animation.
stand-2 stand 1 with a look to the right.
attack-1 swings horizontally.
attack-2 swings vertically.
attack-3 uppercut.
spell holds weapon in the air.
spell-slam slams weapon on the ground
death gets hit in the side of the head and falls over.
decay. slow fade into the ground.
4.normal set up
5.for a map im working on(this needs to be a better reason)
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Hmm... Either a Dragonic Statue letting out a particle emitter style fire on whatever's below it


A Cerebus. Three headed dog, built nice and strong rather than the whimpy ones in WC3. Jet black fur. On attack, middle head bites. On spell, left head fires some sort of particle emitter of fire. Stand, walk, attack, spell, stand ready and death should be enough


Your old Chocobo
Level 18
Apr 15, 2004
I do not do animation transfers.

i need a list of animations you want.
I will also need more details on armor unles you want me to "design" the armor.

no armor yet... and an uberhead(may change to lowerpolycount)

Level 11
Aug 15, 2004
it seems rather high poly, the face i mean, did you make it from scratch?

anyways i take it you do not do only skins?

if not then could you do these things for Unsung Legends?

they're attachments, since Unsung Legends has a special attachment system

troll armour set (adapt them) (should suit all classes)

should include a helmet, shoulderpads, gloves, boots and a chest plate,



human priest wear


undead warlock/priest wear

Level 12
Apr 28, 2005
that dwarf looks great!

the face does look a little high poly, if you would design the armor that would be great, the animations

stand - 1 just normal stand one
stand - 2 looks a round
stand - 3 something
attack - 1 swings the hammer sideways at the enemy
attack - 2 brings it from the shield side down
attack - 3 over his head
death - act like he gets hit on his head from the side abd falls over on his side
spell - points hammer in the sky the attacks
spell slam - slams his hammer against the ground

those would be great
Level 5
Jun 10, 2004
Is that the finshed model and skin? If that is, then its very well done. With more stuff like that, you could become a models mod along with olofmoleman (I hope he gets a posistion as moderator since he's certainly skilled enough). I think a Cerberus model might be possible (could be wrong but still trying to help) with a geoset of additional heads, some poly edits to make it larger and more muscular, the addition of particles, and of course a new skin. Anyways, here's my request, if you're interested. It doesn't matter to me if this isn't done since after all, its your call. :)
-Model: Shadow the Hedgehog. (Does NOT have to have any form of anime or cartoonish look. My only concern is looking good in game. To be used for Sonic Saga 1.06 which is in development.) Check my avatar for a picture. A high poly count doesn't matter to me. Although he is a hero, a hero glow is not nessecary.
-Weapons and armor: None except for cool looking shoes and white gloves, he looks cooler without weapons such as pistols, swords, etc.
Run animation: Shadow runs like he has roller blades on.
Stand animation: Stands with his arms crossed in an arrogent fashion.
Attack 1: A nasty looking horizontal chop with his right hand.
Attack 2: A back hand blow with his left hand followed by a small particle burst of energy.
Spell 1: A simple Metamorphosis animation. (Linked to ultimate skill.)
Spell 2: Shadow spreads his legs slightly apart and strecthes his right arm foward as a small particle flash of energy comes out of his right hand.
Death: A simple fall to the ground with no blood.
-Skin: For the skin, I'd like the team color to be linked to the black sections of his fur.
Thank you for your time. :)
Level 10
Apr 9, 2004
This is an alternate request than what was already there...but i request a new model completely.

Name: pending:
Type: Amebal humanoid
Model Appearance: He looks somewhat like a water elemental but clear and he'll look like a glass bottel except liquidy but his shape will be a puddle at the bottom and groing into his chest arms and nearly featureless head (a mouth stomewhat still).
In his chest there will be a floating orb that pulsates.

Animations: He has many custom animations:

Stand 1: he loks around him self

Stand 2: Falls into a puddle then reforms.

Stand 3: Raises his hands like the water elemental

Attack 1: Uses left arm as a whip. Does a vertical slash with his arm

Attack 2: Pucnhes his arm hyperextending somewhat more than normal with his right arm.

Attack Slam: He transforms into a giant floating hammer and places an attack slam animation.

Spell 1: He transfroms into a cannon then fires, then transforms back.

Transform: Falls into to form a puddle which then forms a blobby cube.

Move alternate: Cube simply tips from 1 side to another.

Transform alternate: Cude falls back into a puddle, then changes back to normal form

Spell Channel: Falls and forms a very large pool and then makes spikes errupt from it.

Death: Explodes with his gue leaking everywhere, and the orb on the ground

Dissipate: Orb, pulling some gue up with it.

Putrpose: Making a gelatenous hero who uses his body to attack others for map.

Ability 1: Liquid Cannon: Transfroms into a cannon and fires a powerful blast on an area hurting his enemies in an AoE.

Ability 2: Slam: Has a chance to flatten his enemies as a giant hammer to stun them and deal extra damage.

Ability 3: Crushing Cube; Transforms into a large cube and moves around crushing enemies for 10 seconds.

Ultimate: Pike field

Spreads across a large area and waits for units to step ove rhim. At which point he will impale them until they leave his area.

That's why the anims are needed.
Level 6
Dec 29, 2004
This has to be the most simple thing to request from you.

Could you please make a Zergling skin with team color spots? I personaly need it for a zerg race in a offence map that I'm making, but many other people will find a use for it also.
Level 2
Mar 30, 2005
Area 51 Models!!!

I need the Hazmat Soldier and a Infected Person with zombie ams Hazmat can have marines. ill get a pic later.
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