Metal Gear Solid: Snake Model; Animation Request

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Jun 28, 2008
Haha! I dug up two Solid Snake Models! But Sadly, they are unanimated

~Could Someone please animate these models according to the Metal Gear Solid series?

(One is Solid Snake Young, and the other is Old Version.)

What I would really like to see is:

1-3 Stand Animations (Stand, Stand 2, Stand 3, etc)
Running (Walk)
Left Jab (Attack 1)
Right Jab (Attack 2)
Head Kick (Attack 3)
Uppercut (Attack Slam)
Roundhouse Kick (Attack Slam 2)
Take Out Gun (Morph)
Put Back Gun (Morph Alternate)
Stand Holding Gun (Stand Alternate)
Running holding Gun (Walk Alternate)
Shoot With Gun (Attack Alternate)
Throw Item, spell, etc (Spell Throw)
A Dodge Animation
+ Any additional animations one feels necessary to add on!

*The file is zipped and attatched to the post*

~Great Thanks to whoever animates these two models for me!~
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*cough* Ripped *cough*
The Rules said:
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Jun 28, 2008
Metal Gear Model: Solid Snake

Well I didn't rip em', I was searchin for Metal Gear Solid 4 Expansions and I found these. How can it be Half Life ripped, Snake isn't in half life, its a wc3 model based off of Solid Snake, just like you guys have your WC3 models based on star trek or w.e.

I don't see any problem with animating this..

I asked for an animation request, I did not make this thread for the purpose of discussing whether a model was ripped from whatever.. I'm asking for aid, and that is it.

If your not going to animate it, or you think something is wrong with it, then leave it, simple as that..

And yeah, people do want to see an animated Snake, I agree, so either this model can be animated for the public or you can leave it alone.

"" *cough* Ripped *cough* "" << Really not needed.. I don't know what your trying to achieve by doing that..

~I don't care if this is ripped or not, animate it, or leave it, I just want to see a Solid Snake Model for Warcraft, including a small handful of others,,

~Make one yourselves then if you see this one as a huge problem..

~I made this thread for help because I cannot make models, or animate, so I asked kindly for some help towards some people who are expert modelers and or animators.

~Instead, I got some guy sayin "" *cough* Ripped *cough* "" ,,trying to make himself seem hilarious or something..

That isn't help, the last time i checked,
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May 22, 2007
Ripped models, are a no sale.

It will not be done.

Request denied.

If we see another model that has been stolen in any way from a game, user, creator, or any other source outside of what the rules allow, we will give you a double portion of a swift, and painful punishment.
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