[Campaign] The 2nd Invasion

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Apr 23, 2014
The 2nd Invasion(Burning Legion)

May i, Ragnoras persent...

Second Invasion

it's about the 2nd Invasion of the Burning Legion

it is a campaign series that will incldue the following...

1. Rumble of Draneor (Play as Burning Legion, Enemies Orcs of Draneor)
2. The Dreaded Outland (Play as ,Burning Legion, Shatar', Neutrals Lost Ones)
3. Doom of Azeroth (Play as Burning Legion, V.S Alliance, Horde, Dalarn)
4. Final Allies (New guys !Pandarens and Gilneas(Do not underestimate these bad boys))


(This is Custom Lore)

At Draneor where the Burning legion is,Kil;dejeadean has lost power over the legion, which was overthrown by the Remaning Orcs in Draneor, but a new power arises,..... Ril'mandeggon, a Diabolist has taken power of the Legion and promise it to lead it into a better destiny........... the War begins now........

The Fel Sredder Skin, made by me for this project!

The Ganar'g Tinker for my proect!

also their Icons....

What am i working on?
Rumble of Draneor

Rumble of Draneor

Prologue: Pledging Loyalty 10%
Mission 1: Orc Raiders 5%
Mission 2: Destroying Kal-Zurkar(New unit avaiable) 2%
Mssion 3 : Burning into Ashes (New unit avaiable) 0%
Mission 4: Bigger is Better( New units avaiable) 0 %
Interlude; Ganarg's Inventions 0&
Mission 5: Taking off (The first flying unit is avaiable) 0 %
MIssion 6: Death of a Chieftian 0%
Mission 7 : Airships collides (New units avaiable) 0%
Interlude: Crisis for the Orcs 0%
Mission 8: Might of the Warlocks(New units avaiable)
Mission 9 : WTF's Daemons???? 0%
Final Battle: Death of the Orcs 0%
Epicproluge: The United Legion 0%

Help needed..


Also I need a Team:

Idea Givers: None
Modelers: None
Iconers: Ragnoras
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