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Tetris. Some help on a few small to large projects.

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Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Hi I have posted in the map devlopment section. So i not gona repost that here. The map is just takeing me to long to do solo. i do have 2 other team members but they havent done any of the codeing and i could use some help spilting the work load. Anyone that joins the team will have a high influnce on how the game will end up, and game modes that will be added.


But once you have read that.

I got about 5-10 projects that will be put into the game

Example of one would be 9 Speail model blocks.

In anycase the team has 3 memebers. and pending on 3 others. But we relly could use some more help. 1 member did the artwork for loading. one helped in the logic of the code and steamlined alot of it.

But i need a few more members willing to do a small to large project that can be put into the game.

Check out

The Blog For the game, to see the projects that need to be done still. http://battletetris.blogspot.com/

e-mail me at [email protected] if your intersted in joining the team.
Not open for further replies.