Recruiting for large campaign project

Level 2
Feb 22, 2008
"From the depths, I've come"

Some of you may know me as Anub'arak and others Lord Osmund Saddler, but anywho, I need a team to help me create a campaign project.

Title: Resident Evil 4
Map Type: Campaign

Job Openings (Note: all team members must know resident evil 4 from top to bottom, I may recruit a few members that only know a few aspects) :

Terrainer: Must know the environment and setting where Resident Evil 4 takes place, must be good and detailed terrainer that doesn't mind taking their time to fill in the background, terrain, structures, etc.

Trigger Editor: Must know how to use advanced triggers and what triggers are required for events within RE4.

Cinematics: Must know how to create advance cinematics and know the cinematics from RE4 in great depth.

Model and Skin Editor: Must know how to create models from scratch or edit existing war3 models, must know RE4 protagonists, antagonists, enemies, bosses and other characters in great depth.

Ideas and Suggestor: The only requirment is you must have played RE4 and be creative.

If you love RE4 as much as I do, then join my team and create an epic campaign with me.

- Anub'arak