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Tesseract Gnoll/Rebel Gnoll

Here we are, the gnoll model isn't bad but suffer the knee issue but for the sake error, Original model won't affect the texture here.
As always, this texture is using original size.

This model can work for both melee and range gnoll so feel free change the path.

Edit (again): Hey, thanks for holding off the review here. The gnoll has been updated.
Version 1.0Released.
do you want a photograph kid?
Version 1.1
  • Jacket adjusted to intact sleeves and slight color change.
  • Armor part has been changed for contrast.
  • Gnoll's ear has been changed from grey to orange matching headpart.
  • Remove the glow below the chin.
  • Remove the outline on the nose.
  • Jacket line adjusted for top-down view.
More photograph? alright but you have to bring your gangs here.

BTNTesseractGnoll (Icon)

Tesseract Gnoll/Rebel Gnoll (Texture)

Approved. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
Ok so here's another Footman review for another Shido masterpiece:

So first of all I want to start off by saying that this is probably your best one yet. In terms of theme, character, style and technical quality it's all there and even with my super critical eye on I found it very hard to find anything to critique, genuinely. So let's start of with just a quick description. We have a skin which transforms the Gnoll into some kind of Jet Set Radio Future character complete with bright jacket and wielding an optical illusion as a weapon. The colours are bright and bombastic and the detailing on the shoes and socks is a nice added touch. Speaking of texture, the fur parts of the Gnoll look amazing with small details and the directions of the fur and the small shadowy patches on the bottom of the neck. I also like how you've made the border between the jacket and the fur kind of look like the lapels of a jacket.

As for criticisms, honestly? I'm struggling to think of any that would be objective or necessary for "improving" the texture. This like all your other textures has your distinctive cartoonish look and I don't think it really needs any kind of the more realistic shading that could be added. I think trying to add that kind of shading would actually detract from the style of the texture. I have been looking really hard to find flaws, I zoomed in all the details for bits that could maybe be done better but I came up empty handed. The only and I stress ONLY thing that could maybe be slightly better is the paint strokes of the T-Shirt, maybe make it look a bit smoother and so I can't see the brush strokes as well.

Other than that, like I said, this is your best one yet and I'll happily give it a 5/5 rating and if I could I'd recommend it for some kind of commendation :)