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Mar 2, 2008
Im making a RPG map based off this game. It's one of the lesser known (but no less awesome) SNES RPGs.

Basically my map will have most of the enemies, quests, locations, items... but they will not be set in a strict sequence, like in the original. ie for those who have played the game, the first 4 towers in chapter 1 are available in any order. There will be some logic to the sequence, ie you cannot leave one area until it is finished.

Due to the lack of playable characters (or in any case, any distinguishing features/abilities of the main NPC characters) some heroes from other games will be making appearances as selectable heroes. So far this list is:

Link (from Legend of Zelda)
Ryudo (from Grandia II)
Squall (from Final Fantasy 8)
Gabumon (from Digimon)

Each hero will have 4 basic abilities, which do not need to be researched. These abilities do not have constant damage values, rather they increase in power as your hero does.

In addition to this, each hero has 3 unique 'hero abilities'. These follow the traditional WC3 system of leveling.

Only Ark (the original game's main protagonist) and Link are finished, and their abilities (just names, so far) are as follows:

Basic Combat Skills
Rushing, Slicer, Spinner, X-Guard
Hero Abilities
Starstone Call, Power Burst, Symphony of Shadows

Basic Combat Skills
Bottle, Bombos Medallion, Megaton Smash, Pegasus Dash
Hero Abilities
Bomb Strike, Enchanted Arrow, Master Strike

Also available are magical items which will have your hero learn a new ability they did not know before. Any hero can learn any 2 of these, with some exceptions. This will allow for the possibility to play the game through many times (which i hope people will :xxd:) and yet never use the same hero build.

There is also a (primitive) system for PvP combat in-game, which allows you, if bored, to declare hostility and attack them. (This is usually possible with the attack command, but this is one step further)

This map is currently only half-done, but i am actively working on it (with Uni starting tomorrow this map will recieve slightly less attention).

I will submit any changes, additions, screenshots, etc.. as they happen. I do not plan to release any preliminary beta maps, as i prefer to find the majority of exceedingly stupid mistakes (yes there have been many so far) myself, before anyone else can see them ><.

Anyway.. any opinions, criticisms (so far) ?

UPDATE: theres two more heroes available in the game now, and more items have been added. To make it interesting, ill add a few (few dozen) random items from other games, as ive done with heroes.

Terraining for this map has reached a temporary standstill, as im (other than uni-related work) generating ideas for the game's items and heroes.
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Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
I just hope you don't make it rigged with 1000-2120120000 damage, huge attackspeeds and such.

Just make it like 10-10 in the beginning and builds up very slowly.
Level 9
Oct 24, 2007
I've been testing this map regularly with metov (we're mates) and it should be an innovative map both faithful to the terranigma storyline and also balanced. Thus far the map is well balanced as far as I have seen, with very strong bosses and enemies rather than overpowered heroes.
Level 3
Mar 2, 2008
im uploading a few screenshots of the map. 3 are in-game, showing some terrain, and one is out of the world-editor. i picked some screens of places with less of the 'dungeon' feel to them, as those are mostly walls, walls and more walls. boring to look at in screenshots.

if anyone is interested, i can upload a birds-eye view of the whole map, both underworld and surface world. The surface is based heavily on the real world, so you may see some similarities there.

@ TheDivineBoss: the damage wont be ridiculous, after all it is a lot easier to work with smaller numbers.


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