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Terraining Contest #12 - Results

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Level 23
Dec 20, 2009




Create a terrain that gives the chilling horror feel of a nightmare or is just pure horror in itself.
-- And here are the results --

#1 Oziris:

Creativity - 12/15
I sort of find it a wee bit unimaginitive to bluntly copy concept art, but I suppose that shouldn't be taken into consideration. In general I consider this a rather creative interpretation of the otherwise dull spooky castle concept.
Detail - 11/15
You have managed to squeeze in alot of details, but I must say that this sort of backfired on you. I for one find it a challange to tell things apart, not only because of the odd color tones, but for the fact that the entire scenery is rather clustered. And as far as rough edges goes, the rock formations are sort of nifty but could be done alot smoother. Your experience is definitely showing though, you have a nice perspective.
Technique - 10/15
The thing bothering me the most is the tinting. It just doesn't... 'work' for lack of better terms. From the intense, sort of jagged, abyss to your left you follow up with the immediate or even chaotic shift to purple faded/saturated rocks. This is then followed up with an eerie forest, which clashes with the dark, intensely green shrubbery. The lighting isn't something I'd consider spot on either. The cross-glow is a mystery to me, why did you add that? Sure it's a rather interesting concept, but personally I think this scenery could do without it.
Theme - 14/15
I see no real reason to criticize this as far as theme goes, the spooky castle theme is definitely a classic horror scene, and the creative concept is sort of refreshing. Your intentions are clear.

#2 Johannesr:

Creativity - 12/15
Spite the fact that this is rather creative for a Warcraft scenery, I must stress that this isn't something unique in terms of concept. And the fact that you had to keep the clichés such as for instance the red eyes (which is silly rather than horrifyig) or the peasant corpse (completely clashing with the otherwise rather neat models) degrade this for me.
Detail - 11/15
I would have to disagree to some misplaced details. Examples would be the odd puke stains (or whatever that is) that seem stretched and redundant, and the peasant body which just clashes with the overall quality of the terrain.
Technique - 13/15
You bring nothing really profound, but noteworthy is the light/shadow dynamics. Any scare appeal this might have, this would be its origin. You manage quite well in establishing a scenery where you highlight what should be highlighted yet you don't completely neglect any aspects, creating a rather powerful scene. Well done.
Theme - 15/15
Your intentions are clear, and this definitely has the most scare appeal of all submitted entries. Nothing to add.

#3 Stranger:

Creativity - 13/15
Quite a creative concept really. I'm not 100% certain, but I picture an execution or some form of enslavement. To me, the silhouette successfully highlights the unfamiliarity aspect, or rather the fear of something completely unknown. The captives can barely make out what's ahead of them.
Detail - 8/15
This entry sadly lacks detail, and I spot a handful rough edges. The dungeon tiles don't offer much variation from this angle, rendering the scenery rather monochromatic. The shrubbery is sort of spammed, making it look rather unnatural, and the overall quality of the model makes it one not to be highlighted whatsoever. The rocks are in general quite well placed though, possibly excluding the somewhat awkward and abrupt end of the leftbound formation.
Technique - 11/15
Nothing remarkable, but you definitely didn't screw up the techniques you did use. What I would suggest in general is for you to choose your models wisely, because they are actually one of the major contributing factors as to why your entry lacks that extra appeal.
Theme - 15/15
This is a great interpretation of the theme, definitely among the better. As priorly mentioned, the unfamiliarity aspect is really well portrayed.

#4 Elredir:

Creativity - 13/15
Definitely creative, looks slightly Dead Space inspired to me. I love the fact that you managed to portray the cold space outside even with the otherwise pent enviroment.
Detail - 15/15
This entry's best quality, really. You manage to showcase alot of details yet you still keep it rather tidy. I personally can't find any rough edges to criticize. I would however disagree to that lantern, but that's fairly subjective and will therefore not affect your score. Overall superb work.
Technique - 14/15
I love your light/shadow dynamics, really gives this an eerie touch. I assume the blood stained text is one single model and not some amazingly detailed technique, else I'll withdraw my statement that other than the lighting, you don't really showcase any remarkable techniques. Note however, that the techniques you do use are extremely well executed. I'd also like to compliment you on your choice of models, extremely well done.
Theme - 13/15
Nothing to criticize, the technique is portrayed just fine in a quite creative manner. The light/shadow dynamics emphasize it quite alot.

#5 M0rbid:

Creativity - 13/15
The floor is quite the creative demonstration of executional creativity, the height variation in particular. The concept is also rather creative, I don't think I've seen anything quite like this before.
Detail - 13/15
One thing bothering me is that you can make out the dirt tiles through gaps in the floor. I don't know if this was your intention, but as far as I'm concerned the scenery would look better without it. Other than this, I can't really mention any rough edges. You have managed quite well in squeezing in details without clustering the terrain.
Technique - 13/15
I quite like what you've done with the cogs and gears. I suppose innovative would be the word I'm looking for. The lighting is also fairly well done, could however be less centered and less edgy. That smoke figure (or whatever that is) looks interesting, and I can't for the life of me figure out what it is that you did. Therefore, judging that wasn't easy. Anyhow, in conclusion, well done.
Theme - 14/15
Interesting interpretation, is this an incinerator of sorts? I assume the horror aspect is portrayed in the closed space and its unimaginable warmth, and let's not forget the smoke figure.

#6 Keiji:

Creativity - 13/15
Creativity can be found both in execution and in concept. I've always been a sucker for surrealism and you manage to please me quite well. Highlight in terms of executional creativity would be the branches, a really smart move from your side Keiji. They really add class to the foilage.
Detail - 13/15
The detail balance is just right, possibly excluding that I think this could do without so many undeads. In terms of flaws I have to mention the jagged water as a slight ballbuster, a simple flaw which I personally think you would have no trouble eliminating. My second mention is regarding the skullpiles, either scale them down and place less or use the centerpiece model which has a substantial advantage in terms of quality.
Technique - 13/15
You certainly showcase some promising lighting, definitely nails the surreal aspect. And as priorly mentioned, adding the branches was a clever move. There are actually no serious executional flaws on parade, except for the jagged water.
Theme - 15/15
Did I mention I'm a sucker for surrealism? This entry nails my interpretation of the theme quite well, and it actually looks like a concept I would work with.

#7 The_Olorin:

Creativity - 13/15
Very interesting concept, I am quite certain I've never witnessed such a concept portrayed in Warcraft before. Seems to somehow portray two parallel universes separated by a mirror. I may be overanalyzing you right now, but that's how I interpret it considering the foreground appears to be neat and tidy in comparison to the bedraggled background.
Detail - 10/15
A few fundamentals missing to justify the concept. I'll list them in order of significance: Lighting, lighting and lighting... In all earnestness I really wish you would've experimented with light sources and dynamics, the absence of the aforementioned renders the scenery quite bright and flat. You could also use glows to make the mirror look like an actual mirror instead of a framed hole. You've managed to add some nice details to the background (or parallel universe) though, which actually ads depth.
Technique - 9/15
Nothing overly profound, but you manage well in executing the techniques you do use. I'm going to reiterate to emphasize it: Lighting is needed. Besides the priorly mentioned I don't think I can criticize much, possibly the rather stretched out wall textures as a potential executional flaw.
Theme - 13/15
I love this interpretation, and you would have had me completely sold if you emphasized it with a darker, damp and eerie atmosphere. Anyhow, well done.

#8 -Kobas-:

Creativity - 13/15
Quite creative silhouette concept, the crystals in particular. They push the concept towards not being flat color tones stacked on eachother, and adds a spectrum of sorts.
Detail - 12/15
How do I even justify this aspect? This is clearly not meant to be detailed per se, and any rough edges could be intentional. You'll have to bare with me when I say that the glow doodads could be placed in a neater manner though. That really is pretty much what I can mention off the top of my head.
Technique - 12/15
Quite distinctive silhouette technique, and you pull it off just fine. Could however be slightly less messy and chaotic.
Theme - 7/15
Can't really relate this to horror, I'd have to fetch far to interpret it as such. I suppose it could be interpreted as modern art representing the artist's subjective aspect of horror, portraying the emotion itself. This isn't demonstrated clearly enough as far as I'm concerned though.

#9 xDeathKnightx:

Creativity - 11/15
I don't know whether I should refer to it as creative or random, I'm completely torn on that one actually. However, the cliché eyes isn't my cup of tea as priorly mentioned. I suppose the scenery is rather creative in its randomness, as it doesn't quite cross the line into madness.
Detail - 11/15
Several rough edges in the rock formations, some are floating and some are excessively pointy. Not to mention that they seem to be stacked in general defiance to gravity. I love the centerpiece structure though, the wooden constructions in particular. The red slime is a love/hate thing, can't really put my finger on it.
Technique - 10/15
Great construction technique I would say, too bad you didn't administer similar profundity on the rock formations. The lighting is slightly insufficient, the moon per se doesn't quite cut it in my eyes. Could do with some distinctive glow.
Theme - 13/15
Nightmare~ish is how I interpret this, and you portray it quite well. You cover morbidity, and surrealism to some extent. Nothing to add as far as the theme is concerned.

#10 XPQJ:

Creativity - 12/15
The fact that you use spell models tickles me a bit. It's not too often people actually think about making use of such models for effects. The angle is also somewhat creative actually.
Detail - 7/15
Oh no you didn't. Never use those river rushes again, oh dear. They utterly ruin the entire scenery, the tinting is repulsive and most of them are floating. Speaking of defiance of gravity, those rocks in the background are also quite odd. Try larger rocks when you're creating such formations, you can't leave blank spots and it can't look as cluttered. Commendable is however the entire left side (aside from said shrubbery). The background fades well and I like what you did with the ashenvale rock tile.
Technique - 11/15
Fading is done well, as priorly stated, the eerie fog scheme is quite neatly executed, and the waterfalls look great. No considerable executional flaws worth mentioning, aside from the shrubbery of course. Those models just aren't fit for terraining.
Theme - 9/15
Sort of subtle horror vibe, since only as minor a detail as the grave fits the theme. Admittedly the fog and the purple lighting adds drama, but a tad bit more demonstration of terror is needed as far as I'm concerned.

#11 Error_trigger:

Creativity - 8/15
This is way too wacky for my taste, it seems like you couldn't decide which aspect to go with, so you squeezed every single one into one scenery.
Detail - 9/15
Random is the only thing that pops into my head. It lacks detail diversity, so far all I can distinct is blood and morbidity. Admittedly the operating tables look rather well with the stitched corpses, and you do manage sort of well portraying morbidity.
Technique - 9/15
Nothing remarkable to mention, what you managed well with would be the archway staircase.
Theme - 9/15
Morbidity aspect, although as mentioned it is too random for my taste.

#12 Chaos.:

Creativity - 14/15
I like this. The beasts are incredibly creative, not to mention beautifully executed. Don't ask me why, but this reminds me slightly of one of those children's films that in actuality is freaking you out till date.
Detail - 15/15
Not overly detailed, but I spot no rough edges. The entire scenery is very neat and tidy. The balance is superb for such a saturated and bleak scenery, and the sky fits really well. The chains are really effective as well. As far as details are concerned, you pass with flying colors.
Technique - 13/15
My only mention would be that the 'liquid' could do with some additional glow. I think it would add a nice contrast to the saturated and gloomy enviroment without pulling for too much attention. Aside from this, I can't spot any distinctive executional mishaps, it's all pretty kosher. Highlight is by far the beasts, the proportions (teeth in particular) are stunning.
Theme - 13/15
Much to my liking, it's dark, eerie and gloomy enough for me to wet my pants. Nothing to add really, you did a great job.

#13 Marsal2000:

Creativity - 13/15
Fascinating scenery I do declare, innovative and refreshing. The grid, how you distinguish the pathway from the sewage, it's all done with quite the creativity. The wall is also partly creative, although you could've covered the blatantly stretched textures a tad bit more as far as I'm concerned.
Detail - 8/15
The details are too clustered, they block the vision quite a bit. The background is hardly distinguishable for all the waste. Assuming the ghostly figure in the background is supposed to be a tee bit more in focus (for this is the main attraction isn't it, horror?), I'd say this slightly messes up the concept. There are also matters to attend to, for instance the sewage pipe spewing a straight line of sewage onto a firm ledge without any stains or splash. Make it a general rule of thumb to cover such matters (by any means necessary) and better yet, don't place it so close to the camera.
Technique - 9/15
As far as lighting is concerned, it seems redundant to have two sources cross eachother. Go for either the pendants or the windows, not both. I enjoy how you constructed the walls, althoug as stated I would've prefered it if you covered some of the stretched textures.
Theme - 10/15
I quite enjoy your interpretation, closed space with light/shadow dynamics to set the mood. Although the bedraggled details in a sense backfired on the horror appeal.

#14 Sir_Elendor:

Creativity - 4/15
This is a rather generic scenery that has been depicted on way too many occasions. So forgive me when say I can't find much creativity in this entry.
Detail - 5/15
Lacks details in general, I can only make out rougly a dozen doodads (give or take). There are no rough edges in particular though, apart from the fact that I disagree about highlighting models which clearly doesn't cut it to be highlighted. The textures just aren't ones to be examined thoroughly, only make out brief details in the background.
Technique - 7/15
The shading is done neatly, perhaps a tad bit abrupt but that's only natural considering the candle is the only light source there is. While we're on the candle, you should experiment with glow models to make it more vivid and authentic.
Theme - 11/15
It's a classic horror scene, so I can't really criticize the theme per se. Off the record though, I would advise you to depict a scenery which allows more creativity and vision, not to mention details. I'll be nice this time, considering the otherwise rather low scores.

#15 De.Facto:

Creativity - 12/15
I rather enjoy it, as per usual you're the one with a spaced out scenery. The lighting is partly creative as well, in a sense.
Detail - 10/15
As with Kobas' entry, it's hard to justify this particular aspect. The scenery is not to be detailed per se, nor should it be. What I could mention is the fact that the glow only covers certain parts of the Dessicator, and thus the shift isn't really smooth. Either cover it completely, or not at all.
Technique - 13/15
The lighting is definitely authentic, looks really profound. Not really anything else to mention, you didn't depict much besides lighting which I assume is the primary aspect of the terrain, and the eyecatcher.
Theme - 13/15
I reckon these gentlemen are either an alien race capable of balancing the enormous pressure gradient, or undeads not reliant on oxygen, else the exposal to vaccum would render them dead from hypoxia within minutes. Trivial space exposure jokes aside, I quite like the surreal aspect of this. It seems to demonstrate yearning. Slightly lacking scare appeal as such, but I grasp the general outline of the concept I think.[/i]

Judges scoreshave been converted into percentages.
Final Score = (Judge's Score)*0.7 + (votes/(123))*30 = (score)

Oziris: (78.33)*0.7 + (15/123)*30 = 54.831 + 3.659 = 58.49
Johannesr: (85.00)*0.7 + (35/123)*30 = 59.5 + 8.537 = 68.04
Stranger: (78.33)*0,7 + (3/123)*30 = 54.831 + 0.732 = 55.56
Elredir: (91.67)*0.7 + (8/123)*30 = 64.169 + 1.951 = 66.12
M0rbid: (88.33)*0.7 + (6/123)*30 = 61.831 + 1.463 = 63.29
Keiji: (90.00)*0.7 + (11/123)*30 = 63.000 + 2.683 = 65.68
The_Olorin: (75.00)*0.7 + (2/123)*30 = 52.500 + 0.488 = 52.99
-Kobas-: (73.33)*0.7 + (7/123)*30 = 51.331 + 1.707 = 53.04
xDeathKnightx: (75.00)*0.7 + (7/123)*30 = 52.500 + 1.707 = 54.21
XPQJ: (65.00)*0.7 + (1/123)*30 = 45.500 + 0.244 = 45.74
Error_trigger: (58.33)*0.7 + (3/123)*30 = 40.831 + 0.732 = 41.56
Chaos.: (91.67)*0.7 + (8/123)*30 = 64.169 + 1.951 = 66.12
Marsal2000: (66.67)*0.7 + (1/123)*30 = 46.669 + 0.244 = 46.91
Sir_Elendor: (45.00)*0.7 + (2/123)*30 = 31.500 + 0.488 = 31.99
De.Facto: (80.00)*0.7 + (14/123)*30 = 56.000 + 3.415 = 59.415


1st - johannesr - 68.04
2nd - elredir/Chaos. - 66.12
3rd - Keiji - 65.68


Thanks to fladdermasken for judging all entries in an excellent manner and also doing the maths. His work was very important for the contest.
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congrats johansers,chaos and keiji !!and everybody who joined the contest!
thanks to fladdermasken for his comitement and finding his time to judge
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still sad that azurot couldn't finish his judging...
looking forward for the next TC!
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Ah, third.
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Ah well, congratulations to Johannesr, Chaos and elredir.
And thank you very much fladdermasken for doing the judgements,
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Complementary reputation to all participants from me. Those who I haven't rewarded yet will be rewarded properly as soon as I can rep again :D
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