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Terrain Request for Unique Vamps Game

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Level 3
Mar 6, 2010
Hello terrainers. If you do not know what a Vamps game is (short for Vampires) then here is the basic information you need:

There are two forces: the vampires and the builders. The builders find a base, and build their defenses as quickly as possible in order to fend off the enemy Vampires. The Vampire's goal is simple: destroy the last remaining humans.

Like stated above, the humans have bases. But what's different about my game from others, is that there are these things called "Green Areas", basically a place to harvest lumber more efficiently.

There are 10 bases, and 10 Green Areas. Each Green Area needs to have a set amount of trees, I prefer the maximum number of trees to be less than or equal to 80.

In the base, there is a teleporter that can teleport the human's harvesters to their Green Area, and also another teleporter in the actual Green Area for going back out.

IMPORTANT: Let me make an example of how the teleporters work.
There should be one spot inside the base for teleporting TO the Green Area, and a spot for when they come back out.. so basically two spots. Same goes with the Green Area.

I want my terrain to be as balanced as possible, and at the same time: unique. (Doodads that don't interfere with unit production or building towers, etc. Pathing blockers would be nice as well.

I will post my current terrain layout of a base and a green area.



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