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Terrain Maker

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Feb 24, 2007
Hey guys my name is Nick but my friends call me NvK(pronounced NouVouKou :p). Im from Athens , Greece and im 17 years old. Im playing warcraft since I was 12.. I make my own maps and terrains but im afraid I pretty much suck at making models so any help would be happily accepted.
Also I would appreciate if someone told me how to use an avatar:p

Monday morning around 10 o'clock
NvK: Hey mom buy me a pack of ciggaretes pls..
Mom:I told you to quit
NvK: I will this is my last one I promise
Mom: Screw you Nick
Welcome to The Hive Workshop, NvK.

Humor really brightens up the community but don't get too crazy.

Feel free to begin posting right away. We have a quite friendly community here and only wish to make your time all that much better. But you should keep in mind that even the Hive Workshop has rules that you should try to remember. Take a look at the The Hive Workshop FAQ Page, for a detailed list of rules to follow. As long as you follow them you will surely not be pressured to review them.

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Once again, welcome to the Hive Workshop! We wish you good luck in your Warcraft III modding days.

Sincerely, the Hive Workshop Greeters. :smile:
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Apr 2, 2008
Hello there this is the second person from greece that has signed up! I'm waiting for some one from Sparta to join then this will be fun.

Also to use avatar's you got to go to control panal then go to edit avatar or some thing like that.
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