Tenro Remix3

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A Katana, made by me ,

edited from the uther model, tooked the hammer, edited some things , attach, and re attach, and created this


V2 - Added a hilt
V3 - Re-textured the handle and the hilt, the hilt is thicker now and, the hilt is smaller now
V4 - Added a Particle Emmiter
V5 - reduced the particle count
V6 - Optimized the size (probably)

Remix-COMPLETELY Retextured the handle and the blade
remix 2 - Fixed the Particle Emmiters
remix 3 - shortened the model

Feel free to distribute , but put my name in it!
you may give me credits, or not!

If you use it in your map, i feel grateful already ^^ so no need to hesitate give me credits or not!^^

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Tenro Remix3 (Model)

Tenro Remix3 (Model)

13:57, 2nd Jun 2010 General Frank: Works fine and performs well. Approved.




13:57, 2nd Jun 2010
General Frank:

Works fine and performs well. Approved.
Level 12
Feb 23, 2009
The blade texture looks odd/streched, the handle texture should be changed, the handle itself should be completely remade, the hilt is paper thin and should be remade.

Just a few pointers of what could be done. Keep at it though, you'll get better with each model you make.
Level 18
Dec 17, 2009
well, thanks there ^^

this is my first successful attachment!

i'll change the texture then, tq

oh yeah, feel free to edit it, and just give me credits for the models,

you may edit the model without even telling me, i won't mind as long it suits you!


this attachment is greatly useful! thanks +rep :)

thanks there my friend, you would rate it 5/5 if it is greatly useful
(nah, just kidding , rate it all you want and moderate it all you want ^^)


HELP: Suggest some texture for me, the handle, i can't find any texture that would fit perfectly for it!
anyone would lend me ideas to make it look shinier and better????:con::bored:
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