Team Color Icons

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Made these icons for my map to display what user an ability would effect. Uploaded here for usefulness.

(1) Red (Icon)

(2) Blue (Icon)

(3) Teal (Icon)

(4) Purple (Icon)

(5) Yellow (Icon)

(6) Orange (Icon)

(7) Green (Icon)

(8) Pink (Icon)

(9) Gray (Icon)

(10) Light Blue (Icon)

(11) Dark Green (Icon)

(12) Brown (Icon)

(13) Maroon (Icon)

(14) Navy (Icon)

(15) Turquoise (Icon)

(16) Violet (Icon)

(17) Wheat (Icon)

(18) Peach (Icon)

(19) Mint (Icon)

(20) Lavender (Icon)

(21) Coal (Icon)

(22) Snow (Icon)

(23) Emerald (Icon)

(24) Peanut (Icon)

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May 1, 2018
Great idea! I can see certain map makers needing/using this. BUT the colors need to be brighter. Right now they are too dim - especially in the center.
Hi dark,

These icons were made with the precise color code as the team colors. I don't believe they have an issue with their brightness, but it's also probably the easiest icon to modify on this website.


Here's an example of the first 10 colors in-game.

edit: well, to clarify, I kinda yeeted some colors in that screenshot as it was first-generation implementation, so the blue for instance does not match the uploaded blue here. All uploaded here are indeed color matching and were remade :grin:
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