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[Need Info] Tank with machinegun turret

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Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Hello, I tried looking up for this on the net, and unfortunately I am somewhat uncertain regarding the tutorials explaining how to set up custom turrets.

Ayways, here's the thing:
I got a siege tank/siege breaker.
I want it to have an auto-turret mounted on top of it, attached to Head point.
I want the auto-turret's turret to rotate separately from tank turret (please note: I want the turret base to stick to the tank's turret, preferably), so the thing could target several targets with different weapons simultaneously.
(optional) I could use figuring out the easiest way to hide the turret if technology X is not researched.

Thanks in advance!

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
1. Create turret at attachment point.
2. Create turret actor for turret (use appropriate source term to get the turret actor from the unit actor).

That should be about it. You might need to make the turret weapon not use attacks so that it can fire in parallel to the normal turret weapon.

It is highly likely the two turrets will operate in parallel. This means that despite the auto turret being mounted on the Siege Tank turret it will ignore the Siege Tank turret rotation (can rotate at turret rotation + siege tank turret rotation rate).
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