Symmetrical Terrain Request

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Jul 24, 2010
Hello everyone, i want to create an AoS map, with 3 Teams, each teams has 3 players... right now the only things bugged me out is creating the terrains, i had done the terrain but it looks ugly, plain, simple, and bland. So, i request for the beloved member of Hive to create that terrain for me.

There are 3 Base, Middle Up, Middle Left, and Bottom Right.
Each base has a line connecting each other, and another line wich connect to the middle, i call this Battle Area.

The Tileset should be done in Cityscape, and most importantly, it should and must be Symmetrical, not too Symmetrical.

The cliff should be a wall-castle like, not the causal one.

The size must be 128X128

Anyone who want to takes their time making the terrain would really be appreciated....

Thanks before
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