Swirly Rituals

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
I've been hoarding this model for a while now, so I thought why not share it?

I've made it work good enough for my purposes so if you want to use it, but if it has a problem, don't hesitate to post a comment or a dm. I'll gladly try to adjust it when I have some free time.

Made in Magos. This is an extra fat version.

Edit: I noticed there are some glitchies in the hive model previewer. I am not experiencing those in game/WE so in case you do, leave a comment I'll try to fix it.

Edit 20.11.20: Added Cold Ritual model to the bundle.

Warning: It's ribbons. If you move it, will go crazy!

cold ribbon tendrils snowflake frost channel
channel blood red coil spiral

Blood Ritual (Model)

Cold Ritual (Model)

General Frank
Well made effect model. Works in-game and performs well.
Level 2
Jun 22, 2019
Hello friend, I already know how to import them but would you tell me how to make it work, where does each model go, where should I put the models? thank you very much and hopefully you help me