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Survey core :3

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Level 1
Dec 8, 2014
Me and my mates are searching for RPG War3 maps to play :eek:

but where can i find other maps like:
Building your own house or farm
finding jobs,crafting,making money,cooking

last game we played was FOTN (Founders of the North v1.24)
the game was perfect but left me iching! for something moore different

we tried other RPG maps like "Life of a peasant"
"dark souls" "fantasy life" :goblin_wtf: but still i hunger XD :goblin_boom::goblin_boom::goblin_boom:

if you got any suggestions ! SPEAK XD i need it :3 :ogre_rage: :ogre_haosis:

:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: :vw_wtf::vw_wtf::vw_sad::vw_sleep::vw_unimpressed::vw_death:
Not open for further replies.