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SuPa- / General Frank Challenge Request

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Level 21
Mar 18, 2007
The Hive Workshop
Challenge Request

1. Copy this form in its entirety.
2. Create a new thead in THW's Admin Contact or Challenge Submission forum. Title: Challenge Request.
3.Complete the information in each <field> below the underlined categories.
4. Do not alter the document in any other way.
5. Improperly completed requests may be rejected.
Challenge Arena Rules:
  • No memory leaks are allowed in triggers or scripts.
  • Challenge results must be bug-free.
  • Copy and paste techniques are not permitted.
  • No exports from other games are acceptable.
Challenge Theme:
modeling - mage

Challenger: SuPa-

Opponent(s): General Frank

Challenge Duration:
Maximum (14 days)

Proposed Reputation Award:

Challenge judging:
50% Poll
50% Judge

Model-specific conditions:

File size: Irrelevant (Preferably below 300k)

Polycount: Irrelevant (Preferably below 2,000)

Other: This model must be in the theme of a mage

Texture-specific conditions:

File size: Irrelevant

Other: Both in-game and custom textures are allowed

Other challenge conditions:
Details: This model must be a mage and work in-game with standard animations. Birth does not have to be included
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Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
SuPa- said:
Challenge Theme:
(Triggering, scripting, texturing, modeling, terraining, concept art, story writing, other.)
You are supposed to choose one of those, and you seem to have chosen modeling. You may want to update.fix that.
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