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May 15, 2009
Have suggestions for the game? Leave them here!

I will also be migrating suggestions made on discord to here, as a way to keep track of suggestions and show what suggestions were implemented by the community.

Popular Suggestions (responses)

Stat re-allocation: Yes, but it will not be implemented until v3.0, due the the banking alterations required.

Repick Later: Again, in 3.0 I can alter this when I remake the saving system. Game start and banks are interwoven together on game start.

Potions/Rest separate:
It is intentional that you can only have 1 form of consumable healing. You will not be allowed to have both.

Player Suggestions Implemented (since 9/12/19)
Level 7
May 15, 2009
Raid Boss Ideas: (From players)
Omega v2.1 - The Iron Giant. Skills, 1. Magnetize & Energize - two targets excluding the main threat will gain a positive and negative charge and must come together within a certain timer. Failure to come together or touching another without a charge will cause burst damage onto the targets as well as grant Omega v2.1 an Energize stack which increases his damage. 2. Vent Steam - Straight line projectile directed towards the main threat. Range increases with more Energize stacks. 3. Ground Slam - AOE that radiates outwards from the boss. Size of AOE increases with more Energize stacks.
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Sep 20, 2019
The Ice King's Mountain - A Raid Design, with the intention that a set minimum amount of players must enter the raid.


Injured Faerie Guard
Quest 1 - From the brink of death
"... …". The guard seems to be unconscious and unable to respond. Perhaps if you have something to revive him...
Completion - Have a healing potion of any tier as your consumable. Reviving the guard will consume 1 charge.
Quest 2 - Royal Disaster
Something about how the Faerie Princess and her entourage was kidnapped by the Ice King and are in dire need of saving yadda yadda. Need to go into the Ice Kings domain to recue her yadda yadda more cliché dialogue.

Aesthetic Design.
You start from the base of the Ice King's mountain and slowly climb your way to the top killing his royal subjects along the way because this is a dungeon. You end up at the top plateau of the mountain where you inevitably defeat the Ice King to save the Faerie Princess. Yay.

Trash Mobs Ideas.
Fancy Penguin - Spell casting penguin.
Penguin Knight - Rallying cry. Auras that improve damage / speed (maybe 1 aura per knight but randomised)
Penguin Squire - Generic minion penguin.
Polar Bear - Rending attacks that reduce armour. Bashes.
Royal Penguin - Relatively useless penguin that doesn't really do too much.

Boss Ideas.
1st Boss - Fluffy; The King's Pet Rock.
(This will be a closed room fight)
Fluffy will be sleeping within his boss room. Upon attacking and waking up Fluffy, he will throw two boulders closing off the way back and way forward. These boulders will be destroyed upon the destruction of Fluffy.

*Rock Throw - standard projectile attacky thingy.
*Leap - Fluffy will leap towards any character that is not the main threat, stunning and dealing burst damage. May have an animation so dodging is possible?
*Avalanche - Fluffy will move towards the centre of the room and gain immunity to stuns. He will channel a spell (appearing to be just pummeling the ground I guess?) which radiate projectiles that will mini stun and damage any characters that get hit. Damage can be completely avoided by moving in between the projectiles. Maybe duration of channel and amount of projectiles will change according to difficulty?
*Wild Swings - Fluffy will cleave in a wide bursty arcs in front of him. There will be an animation so the tank has time to move back/ to the side and avoid the damage.

2nd Boss - Gunter; A Penguin?
Gunter will look like a penguin? I guess? Who knows? Upon defeating Gunter you can rescue the Faerie Princess's entourage which are locked up in cages in the same room. They will aide you in the upcoming fight against the Ice King. Gunther will have two distinct phases.

Skills (1st Phase)
*Slip and Slide - Gunter will target any character that is not the main threat (there must be a better way to word this) attacking with a lock-on charge that continues until success or a set distance. If other characters other than the chosen target are hit along the way, the charge will still continue.
*Scrambled Eggs - Gunter will suddenly go wild, running randomly at increased movement speeds (maybe 3+ movement speed?) laying eggs behind him? her? it? The eggs will explode after a short delay. All damage can be avoided by character positioning/dodging.

Skills (2nd Phase) - When Gunter reaches half health he will gain temporary invulnerability and transform into the Ice Thing. Maybe some dialogue here?
*Eye Toss - Ice Thing will throw a large red stone (a bomb) on the ground that will stay until a player comes close enough to activate it, causing it to explode in a large AOE. It will grant all players hit by the AOE an "Eyem Vulnerable" a stacking de buff that causes them to take more damage from future Eye Toss bombs. The de buff can have a moderate duration.

Raid Boss - The Ice King; Lonely. (possibly a closed room fight?)
A King. Wearing a crown. Looks cold. And lonely. Upon defeating the Ice King you can free the Faerie Princess and retrieve the quest reward. Maybe like a kiss or something.
The Ice King will introduce a debuff mechanic called Frostbite, which will be applied by certain skills he possesses. Frostbite will apply a DOT which increases in linear intensity dependant on the stats. The Faerie entourage will be near the entrance to the Ice King room and at certain intervals provide a "Warmth" buff when you approach them. Warmth will make you clear all stacks and grant immunity to frostbite for a short duration. In harder difficulties the amount of characters that "Warmth" can be applied to will be reduced dependant on the amount of players within. The intention is so warmth will become a resource and juggling frostbite stacks between the raid members becomes necessary.

Skills - Perhaps certain skills will apply frostbite at different amounts dependant on the difficulty?
*Glee - Whenever the Ice King kills a player, he will gain a permanent buff that increases his phys/spell damage resistance and damage attributes.
*Chilling Aura - When the Ice King reaches a certain health threshold he will emanate an aura that will affect all players within the raid map. The aura will apply 1 stack of frostbite at set intervals. Hopefully this skill along with Glee will prevent possible mechanic abuse of frostbite/warmth, where certain players will sit out of the fight to ensure the rest of the group will have full access to warmth.
*Frost Bolt - This will target the player furthest away from the Ice King (but still within range). The player will receive spell damage and frostbite stacks. The targeting is intentional here so the raid can designate certain players to tank the frostbite. Possibly reduce the CD and/or amount of frost bolts according to difficulty/amount of players/boss health.
*Chilling Winds - The Ice King will focus a secondary target dealing damage and applying frostbite in a targeted lock-on AOE. Possibly the projectiles may be slow moving enough to dodge?
*Crystallized Frost - The Ice King will generate orbs of pure floating chill that float slowly in a random pattern around him. Players that touch these orbs will incur frostbite. As the Ice King's health is lowered, more orbs of crystallized frost will be summoned.
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Sep 20, 2019
Derelict Scrapyard - A raid Design.


Aesthetic Design.

Venturing through a scrap heap of derelict metal made of abandoned weapons and armour. Possibly

Trash Mob Ideas.

Scrap Dog -
Scarp Hound -
Tankbot 100 Series - Equipped with sword and shield. Tanky.
Pewbot 200 Series - Shoots high damage ranged projectiles. Can shoot nets that stop movement.
Bombbot 300 Series - Drops explosives that deal heavy damage.

Boss Ideas.
1st Boss - Experiment 401; Outdated Failure

Can be seen wandering near the entrance of the Derelict Scrapyard. Can be heard saying things like "please love me master" "error emoticon chip error".

*Overcharge - Experiment 401 will charge in a straight line at a secondary target, bringing all characters it hits along. At the end of the charge, Experiment 401 will stun itself and vent hot steam in a small AOE.
*Recoil - Experiment 401 will shoot rockets at each player in range that explode in an AOE, but take a small amount of damage in return.
*Emoticon Chip Error - Experiment 401 will breakdown saying "Hug me... Hug me. Please love me." If all characters move in close within a set amount of time, Experiment 401 will allow itself to open up to the possibility of love, making it very vulnerability. And players will take advantage of Experiment 401 opening itself up to love. Because they are scum. If one or more players do not manage to hug Experiment 401 in time, it will shout "WHY? WHY? WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME? ERROR ERROR" while wildly moving around and venting steam projectiles randomly.

2nd Boss - Scraphound Pack Leaders.
Bloodfur; Scraphound Pack Mother.

Leader of a pack of rabid dogs that have found a home living within the scrapyard. She will be accompanied by her two mates, Fang and Claw.

*Frenzy - When Claw and/or Fang dies, Bloodfur will gain a buff that increases her attack attributes at the cost of her defensive attributes.
*Dog Pile - Bloodfur will pounce upon a secondary target. Upon scoring a successful hit, Fang and Claw will prioritise that target.
*XXXX - Used when either Claw or Fang are dead.
*Pack Call - Used when both Fang and Claw are dead. Bloodfur will summon Scrap Dogs to join the fight.

Fang; Bloodfur's Mate
*Infectious Bite - Poisons enemy characters, degenerating energy regen and CDR.
*Frightening Howl - Causes all enemy characters near Fang to run directly away in fear.

Claw; Bloodfur's Mate

*Encouraging Howl - Bolsters all allies within range, increasing movement speed and attack damage for a duration of time.
*Rending Swipe - Inflicts a wound upon the target causing them to bleed. Movement will increase the damage taken by bleed.

3rd Boss - The Tinkerer; A Thinkerer
The Tinkerer will be a relatively easy boss and mostly serves as a prelude to Omega v2.1. When the Tinkerer is almost dead, he will gain invulnerability and open up a pathway that leads to Omega v2.2. Some dialogue will ensue between the two on the lines of;
The Tinkerer - "Help me my greatest creation. These dirt bag heroes are killing me because game mechanics promise them legendary loot."
Omega v2.3 - "Trololo weak flesh bag. You have proven your inferiority to me, now die by my hand as I reinforce the conceptualisation of the possible dangers of creating AI."
The Tinkerer - "Nooo! Unexpected betrayal!" *splat*

*Homing Missiles - Missiles will be created for everyone within the raid except the main threat. They will only ever hit the intended target, dealing heavy AOE damage and stunning the target. The missile duration should last through a few cooldowns (so maybe 2 or 3 missiles can potentially be spawned for each player) but will eventually despawn.
*Oil Bomb - Tosses a bomb that leaves behind a giant puddle of oil which slows any enemy character passing through it.
*Let it burn - At 25% health, the Tinkerer will light up all existing oil puddles with fire bombs.

Raid Boss - Omega v2.4; The Iron Giant
A giant iron roboty thingy. With a red splotch on one of its hands. You know why. Says things like "Bow down to me fleshbag" and "I am the ultimate creation" and "Urgh, this red sticky stuff will not come off..."

*Magnetise and Energise - An even number targets (maybe more targets dependant on difficulty) excluding the main threat will gain a positive or negative charge. Opposing charges must come together within a certain timer to neutralise the charge. Failure to come together, touching another with the same charge or touching a another without a charge will cause burst damage onto the targets as well as grant Omega v2.5 an Energize stack which increases its damage and upgrades its skills.
*Tremor - Omega v2.6 will slam the ground consecutively causing tremors that mini-stun and deal damage to radiate outward. Tremor range and amount increase with energise stacks.
*Barrage - Omega v2.7 will charge up a flurry of blows that damages all in an area ahead of it.
*Gravity - Will channel a spell that slowly pulls everyone within range towards Omega v2.8. Gravity's range and pull rate increase with energise stacks. Omega v2.9 will often follow up gravity with either tremor or barrage.
*Energiser Bunny - Omega v3.0 will call out "Power! In need of Power!" A number of energiser bunnies will spawn from the edges of the boss room, hopping slowly towards Omega v3.1. For each energiser bunny that reaches Omega v3.2, it will gain an energiser charge.
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Basic Boss Skills and Mechanics for Glorn.

Acidic Cloud - A standing area de buff that reduces armour and SDR. May stack in intensity.
Blind 1 - Lose sight vision given from allies. Possible loss of personal vision.
Buffing Totems - Summoning totem/s that heal and/or increase attributes. Make them targetable and destroyable by the party.
Build Up - A strong impactful attack after attacking the same target a set number of times.
Cage - Stops the players movement. Can be destroyed.
Frenzy - Gains attack damage and attack speed from targeting the same player. Resets when aggro changes.
Hook Shot 1 - Pulls target towards user.
Life Drain - Spell channel life drain for a set duration of time, stealing health from its target. Waiting for full duration or running away will break the link.
Life Link - Leashes multiple targets together. They share both healing and damage done.
Living Bomb - Causes a player to become a bomb that explodes after a set amount of time.
Riposte - Deals damage back to the target as a percentage received.
Sunstrike 1 - An animation will follow a player followed by an aerial attack. Damage can be shared by all within the AOE.
Sunstrike 2 - A delayed barrage of AOE attacks that ground target a player.
Tether 1 - Leashes the caster and its target/s together.
Tether 2 - Leashes multiple targets together.
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May 15, 2009
Due to limited map space, raid bosses will simply be random world spawns, as well as the beastmaster vendor. They won't be their own dungeons. Mechanical based seems a little off, but I can incorporate something about the blacksmith in there. Some of the 8dras I can work into raid bosses too, multi boss fights, summons, ect

The only thing I think is really iffy, would be a tether behavior. I could link 1 unit to another, but not sure if both would be doable in a sense that works without a fully triggered ability. And while I plan to make scripted raid rights, I don't want to mix data and triggers for abilities, due to the overhead load in an already massive map.
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Sep 26, 2019
I'm going to try my best to make this a suggestion and not just a complaint thread, but there will be complaints. I wanted to make this long form post to make my stance clear and wont have to have any back and forth comments within discord. I want to state that I understand that this could take a lot of development so i dont expect it to change, I've just seen a lot of players who like this game leave not because of a reset or boredom, but because the time put in at a high level (to get max level takes too long anyways and ill explain), but because the time put in is not worth the reward

Item rarity (let me clarify this problem causes lots of issues from how long it takes to get to max level to grinding max levels to find items better than honor made levels)
Last hit MF system

Remove magic find and make rarity to a set % (possibly increasing rarity by dungeon and dungeon lvl)
Or rework Mf (i dont have an answer for this)

Issues with current state:

Sacrificing Stats:
The idea of magic find is attractive, oh boi, sacrifice some stats to get better loot, hell yea! I mean, finding loot is a Major (not main for all) reason why people play RPG's, but damn near all modern day RPG's have removed the idea of magic find. Why? because the idea of sacrificing your most powerful gear to find even better gear feels.... like you're missing out on what you already have, and to add to that, this game takes long to play to grind. Even if you have a 5 man all t10 legendary honored gear, you're gonna take 25 minutes doing a heroic dungeon unless you have perfect comp (good luck getting the GG team in pub). Now there's the argument that only one player needs to stack mf, but I'll get to that later.

Low lvl gear:
Now, I've had this conversation on discord several times, but the best way to lvl your hero is by doing solo, the best way to lvl up solo is by wearing the best gear you have. The argument here is "just wear an mf item." yea but that suggests that you have an equally good of item with just 1 less good item modifier and replaced with MF, which is HARDLY the case. One thing to add, now i saw there was a change to it, but outside of dungeons I have NEVER found a legendary or twilight just farming monsters. Even if i did, it doesn't mean itll be good. It most likely wont be good due to RNG, which i have no issue with. I could talk about the issue of not finding twilights and having a low lvl twilight that could fit for your build and allow you to wear a low lvl twilight for a longer, but this is already long enough.

Using MF in party and stacking on one char(Bad/not fun gameplay):
The number one thing I'm told when talking about MF is "you just havent played with a good party and someone stacking MF." No, fuck that. It makes dungeons last even longer because you have 1 less hero practically and you have to get the enemy down just the right amount to let the MF stacked hero (since thats the most efficient MF way to grind gear) to get that last hit. That hero pretty much HAS to be a burst hero, you wont find a tank with some MF on it because he will never get the last hit. People argue that its "60% more efficient" it isnt fun, and doing it in a pub game who don't all know what they doing or on dicord or using voice chat.... Thats gonna be a nah for me dawg.

I have no issues with RNG itemization but the chances of finding an item better than a honored T10 in the current state takes HOURS to find a decent alternative that hardly better. There are so many other things I could talk about like there are 10 hero's and you want to be decent and learn them all, but spending all that time on 10 hero's just isnt reasonable.

I think if I spent more time on this post I could make a more compelling point, but I think its decent enough.
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May 15, 2009
Your MF point is... Right. I have heard it from multiple sources. I don't agree with it though, I feel you are creating your own concept of "all or nothing" which is a self-imposed regulation. What I had already done when 2.0 came out, was triple base rarity, and nerf MF by 25%. A huge problem for many of you players, is that I allowed you to craft legendary items; and by using bank reset, or dozens of crafts per slot; players were getting 5X perfect stats. The equiv of level 50+ gear, on your level 36 hero, from speed running low level content to farm honor; then skipping all late game content and doing the absolute hardest content. None of you have ever had to "gear up"; since buying your way there has been easier. And it is hard to replace your 5X perfect roll items, that have a .01% chance of dropping; and that has become your standard for "what players should have."

Also, a huge notion from players is that they need "400% MF" to get good loot. Sure, with 400, you will see 15 legendary drops per run; but as you said, it is not viable. however, for a DPS char to drop a single item slot for MF; you lose 6-8% DPS, and gain 100 MF; which quadruples the quality of loot you will find. dungeons take 10% longer, with 4X the loot worth looking at. Party size, and the global MF bonus is also commonly ignored. With 80 MF in a 5 man group, with a few global buffs, you will see 4-5 legendary drops per run, and 20-30 epics, with only slightly increased clear times.

In last weeks update, t13 items are available, and legendary items are not craftable. the t13 items being a great example of how late game is intended to be played; and in the final version, the inn will be so much weaker than drops, it wont be considered. But many players are using t13 rare and epic loot; because a t13 rare with 3 good rolls, is better than a t10 with 5 perfect rolls, or a t11 with 4 perfect rolls.

I am still willing to alter drop rates and how MF works; however, I feel that this updates aligns better with my intended game design; and that with 3.0 it should all be a little smoother than with this false-content cap that currently exists. Drop quality increases with creep level, so with 15 more levels on base creeps, that is additional base MF as you enter the "end game"; and higher MF rolls on items, so you can give up fewer stats for that bonus; and more dungeons to grant more global MF, if you dont want to swap out an item for a MF item.

My fault for allowing you to craft items which allowed you to bypass the farming stage entirely, and it gave you the wrong idea for what gear quality should be. This most recent patch should affect both the low and high end of that concept. If it is still an issue after it has been tested better, I can remove MF all-together.
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Sep 20, 2019
I question the degree of validity to the arguments Lolly brings within the current context of the game. I will attempt to address each issue Lolly has brought up as they appear chronologically with my perspective.

Issue - My Opinion
Game Takes Too Long to Max Level - Mostly Disagree

I don't think a MMORPG game should allow you access to level quickly and if you focus one character at a time it doesn't actually take that long. I invested around 5 hours to max my first character (Mortar Team). Taking time to learn game mechanics while learning your first character should be considered good game design. And the ability to share item drops via the bank system to more effectively level alts also another example of good QOL game design.

An argument against this logic is "non-dps styled classes will have a harder time soloing content and thus leveling". Which is true, if you are bound by traditional thought processes of gear. Through gear stat distribution mechanics, Glorn has granted players massive freedoms regarding flexibility of gear. This means all characters can wear gear with AD, AD% and AS% to level which makes the process much faster and effective, with some exceptions such as Avatar upon certain rank-ups. Yes classes like Holy Mage may still take longer than a Huntress to level, but not disastrously so. I mention this fact to newer players from time to time.

Wearing MF at low level - Completely Disagree
There is no logical reason to have to do this. If you are leveling in this game, you very quickly out scale anything you might find during open world leveling. Even then when you feel like you do need new gear to progress solo, the blacksmith has become so boosted that it regularly provides options that are decent upgrades. If you don't feel like dropping gold to speed up your leveling progression, that is on you not MF mechanics.

"The best way to lvl your hero is by doing solo" - WHAT? NANI the F?
This is a mmorpg styled game. With quests and dungeons you have to complete during the leveling process that are balanced for groups. The only advantage leveling solo grants is the flexibility to do so at your own pace.

World Mobs don't Drop Legendary or Twilight Rarity Gear - Mostly Disagree
World trash mobs don't, but world mini bosses do. I also think its good game design to limit twilights to dungeon drops. It creates more incentive to dungeon and would devalue the drops if they could appear anywhere.

Also this becomes an argument about the value of Legendaries and Twilights compared to Epics and Rares which has been addressed in discord multiple times before but ill post it here. Items have a stat distribution of 1 primary, 2 secondary and 2 tertiary stats. They can be weighted like so;
Primary - 3
Secondary - 2
Tertiary - 1
That is to say, the value of the Primary stat is worth three times of the tertiary and one and a half times of a secondary.
Extrapolating this information and assuming that all stats on a given item are perfect (to the discretion of the user) we can rate the drop rarities in such a way.

Rarity - Value - Value%
Common - 3 - 33.3%
Uncommon - 5 - 55.5%
Rare - 7 - 77.8%
Epic - 8 - 88.9%
Legendary - 9 - 100%
Twilight - 6+ - 66.7%+
The "+" represents the variable nature of the twilight bonus.

So here we can see that assuming perfect stat outcomes, though there can potentially be a difference between legendary and epic/rare drops, the difference is not ground breaking. Even then from my personal experience, t10 rares and epics with perfect primary and secondary stats are good enough to gain you entry to legendary dungeons. Legendary drops with x5 perfect stats are almost never seen (I've witnessed maybe 1 or 2?). T13s with great primary and secondary stats are already considered great drops. A good tertiary stat line is just a bonus.

Stacking MF on One Character for Dungeons - Mostly Disagree
Yes for your average dungeon group if you have one person in full MF gear for the entire run it would slow the entire thing down considerably. But for your average dungeon group doing this is so incredibly idiotic. The concepts here you need to understand is;
*People with MF gear will have their primary gear set.* Unless you actually believe they were idiotic enough to go through the game only prioritising the MF stat.
*You do not need to wear your MF gear all the time.* Instead you can choose to target only bosses, which already have boosted MF rates compared to trash mobs.
*You can switch gear during boss fights.* The player with MF simply drops combat when the boss is very low. Switches to their MF set. Kills boss for loot. This process is made much easier if they have a culling twilight.
EDIT: This allows groups to reap the benefits of stacking MF, while mitigating the negative aspects greatly. If done intelligently, MF stacking in this way should only add 1-2 minutes to every dungeon run.
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