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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is just a reskin for jigrael's Succubus model, i based the colors on the dark elf from lineage 2 to replace the human skin also changed the outfit (ingame she looks like she is topless depending from what angle she is seen.) This is my first skin so please only possitive comments and if not constructive ones only

Succubus (Texture)

THE_END: Not really that good
Level 9
Oct 28, 2004
:shock: hmmmmmmmm...... the chest needs more of a covering. from ubove it looks topless, don't know if it was intentional the face area the lips and eye lids needs different color darkeish red or other color just helpful crit. hope this helped :D

by the way
DE skin tone is very good not to dark not to light. :wink:
Level 6
Oct 6, 2005
Great Skin gotta love it!!!
Do you want credit if i use cause if u do i will cause this is a great skin?

Only a few points of error.

1.The Eyes need to mmm... Darkened somehow(ill leave that up to u i dont care they just look more like humans then demons)

2.This is my opnion but those 2 lines on her leg need to go.

3.No Icon

And the good things

1. Best skin colour for a demon ive seen!!!(Apart from blizzard's Doom Guard)

2.Wonderful work with the wings.(Maybe needs to be a bit darker)

3.Wonderful portrait almost makes up for no icon.

4.Nice hands... better then pretty much all of the ones ive seen on this site.

5.Very good attention to detail you even put a lil arm braclet on her arm.

Level 3
Jun 20, 2005
not to be critizing but.... this is a long way from good.

1. some of the shading is just two colors simply.
2. alot is actually recolor...
3. if your gonna skin a supposedly succubus, please transform it into a succubus instead of a gray angel..
4. obvious use of gradiants

fix those things on your next skins :)