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Straight v1.1

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Has it come to your mind to play a Warcraft 3 map without any unit being dead? Now, here's a map where Orcs and Humans are friends. They dont seem to hurt each other. They are tired of killing each other. A map of peace and friendship, endeed. I am just inspired of a game played in our locality where each player is given chips for a game. The rule of that game is applied in this map.

NOTE: You can't play this game in solo.

Objective and Gameplay

1. The objective of the game is to create a line - diagonal, vertical or horizontal - except for your base of course, using your units.
2. Select one of your units and move it near a footswitch or the elevator. The footswitch/elevator where your unit has come near will lower.
3. Your opponent will do so untill whoever created a line first will win the game.
4. Think as best as you can in choosing your units and choosing where it should go.
5. Watch demo if you want to understand the game much better by using the text command "demo" or choose "watch demo" before the game starts. If you are going to use the demo typeable command, type the command first before selecting any of your units because selecting a unit will disable the demo typeable command. The typeable command "demo" is only available for player 1 (red).


All units, spells, doodads, etc. I used in this map are from those found in WE. Shadow Daemon's BLP Lab is used in creating the loading screen and the minimap

1. Removed bug when a unit enters a region.
2. Replaced the units.




The Map is Unprotected

straight, straights, tic tac toe, eubz

Straight v1.1 (Map)

00:55, 9th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved Neat idea and very original.




00:55, 9th Sep 2011
Status: Approved

Neat idea and very original.
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
So its tic tac toe/ Naughts and crosses, with predefined start points. Looks fun seems to work all right 3/5

Vote For Approval:

Advice: Maybe add Events etc Random specials. Also Make the gameplay a bit more fun.
And def needs more strategy. Tic tac toe has a predefined lines which work in all cases making it impossible for real strategy. So does this game. Maybe with a larger board or a way of increasing variation a strategy might exist


Found a bug. You can take your units of A Switch and leave em of then move. THus being on 1 or no spaces for a time.
Please put the screenshots in hidden tags

Thanks a lot... The upload rate in my place is very low so I have to go to an internet cafe to update this map... I'm going to update and put screenshots hidden as soon as possible...

Thanks again,...
Screenshots are now in hidden tags...

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