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Steel Guardian.blp

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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This is made by my bro, but he wanted me to upload it here. So, enjoy!
Guaranteed 100% Freehand, haha, I know, he's better than me! XD

Steel Guardian! :D Don't really know what else to say. :)

Give Credits to my bro... Like this:

"Steel Guardian skin by RandomPogi's bro" :D

God Bless~! ^~^

Steel, Metal, Golem, Infernal, Fire, RandomPogi, bro, Freehand, Say What, What you looking at, This is none of your business, haha, just joking, God B

Steel Guardian (Texture)

03:24, 11th Sep 2012 Kwaliti: This skin doesn't change much on the infernal model. Gonna have to reject it.




03:24, 11th Sep 2012

This skin doesn't change much on the infernal model. Gonna have to reject it.
well now to the texture :p
what you have here doesn't look like metal, less alone steel, texture is grained and undefined, probably because of a filter... there is a very good tutorial by mister goblin that lets you figure how to make a great metal surface, one step at a time :]

what i can suggest also is IRL help if you have somefink as a comic school, full with people that are eager to show and then let you develop your own way, with their tips along

and about the metal bits.. i think you should totally re-draw them not following the infernal skin guides at all.. i'm sure you can imagine a better and cooler armor-plated look :p
Level 7
Dec 17, 2010
It reminds me to much of the normal infernal. Try to edit it more
the steel looks more like iron
normal infernal with some steel (iron) on it
To much normal infernal textures on the unit (50% steel, 50% normal infernal)
try to do something more unique.
if you upgrade this, I will maybe use it, for now:
3 / 5