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Stat-tracking multiboard

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Nov 17, 2013
Edit: After messing about for abit longer and looking through some tutorials I managed to make one that is kinda half messy but it works, but I still don't know how to make one multiboard (that looks different) for each player.

so.. Instead of wondering how to make an entire multiboard, I now wonder how to make individual multiboards for each player.
Helper will be credited, +repped.
All help is welcome.

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Original Post:
Hello everyone! I tried to make a custom multiboard earlier to track some custom stats I had made but I couldn't get it working, 'cause I've never worked with multiboards before...

So what I need is a multiboard with 3 colums ans 2 rows labeled "Your Stats:" displaying accordingly:

Your Stats:
AttackPower: X
ArmorPen: X
CritChance: X

so the X is the value stored and the text just shows what value is stored.

so if it says "AttackPower: 50" that means that the attackpower integer has the value 50 stored (obviously).

Each player controls one unit and thus needs one multiboard each, the multiboard only needs to be updated, not changed.

The values look like following:
Attack_Power - Integer Array (1)
Armor_Penetration - Integer Array (1)
Critical_Strike_Chance - Integer Array (1)

Doesn't need to have all values filled in, just something basic to work with that will show for each player individually.
Helper will be credited, +repped.
All help is welcome.

Best Regards,
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