Starwars RPG and AOS

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Starwars RPG and AOS (Map)

Dr Super Good: Catorgry change. Exceed map size permitted at battlenet.




Dr Super Good:
Catorgry change.

Exceed map size permitted at battlenet.
Level 5
Jul 4, 2005
Report bugs of this map pls

Many trops Are in map ( a little lag maybe) but when they enter top of the Fortress They will be removed

A unit enter A region size of 400-600 pottion fo Flag of the big temple entering unit equal to Player 11

Remove entering unit
Level 2
Jul 13, 2005
I just played this game, 2v1. And no one liked it. I got to level 2500 within 5 minutes, and I still couldnt kill a storm trooper. And my force (the top one) obliterated the bottom 2 people very quickly. And none of use understood how to play it.
Level 1
Oct 22, 2004
Well if FerShizzle is right i got a hint for the creator of this map... SKINS DO NOT MAKE A GOOD MAP GAMEPLAY DOES... i thought you should all know that i've yet to see more than 10 w/ good skins and good gameplay it just seems people are good at making a good map and some at making good skins... anyways im gona download it and host it right now i'll edit this post w/ my reviews :wink:

Edit- no files to extract... *sigh* when posting maps make a copy of it on ur desktop and post that and dont delete the copy until u make another version else there wont be any files to extract...
Level 7
Jun 1, 2006
THIS MAP IS HORRIBLE!!!!! all u did was for some heroes change there skin. Darthvader is a firelord wanna know ihow i can tell because for 1 his name is a firlord sname for 2 HE HAS ALL FIRELORD ABILITIES ther not even custom. im with OM skins dont make a map gamplay does and this is a sloppy map you attempted to make..